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Read on if you want to know where to find the Afflicted Bone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, because here we will help you with this.

What is afflicted bone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

It is one of the materials that you can find in the game, a unique material that can drop from various places, starting at a certain point in the Sunbreak campaign, and you will have to search for it by completing specific missions.

Where to find the afflicted bone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

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In order to access this material you will have to unlock anomaly quests, which you can access after killing Gaismagorm, and the Qurio moved to a new host, trying to feed on the other monsters that appear in the game. When you start getting anomaly quests you will need to find some small monsters and as you progress you will be able to access much more difficult master rank quests with stronger monsters.

This material is only obtained from a monster and has no target, capture, or material reward dropped. Simply, you will have to eliminate the monster to carve it.

The key is to do as many anomaly quests, being at the highest master rank as you can, to improve your chances of earning Afflicted Bone.

This is everything you need to know about where to find the Afflicted Bone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, so now that we're done, we hope you're more than ready to go for this resource.

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