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Today we bring a DNF Duel guide where we will explain how to play as a Ranger.

What does it mean to play as a Ranger in DNF Duel?

Having the opportunity to play to keep the enemy at bay, this opens up the opportunity to have long-range attacks and of course, special attacks, so it is necessary to know how to play as a Ranger, this taking into account that the Ranger simply It usually excels in medium and long distance, however, even when we manage to keep our enemy far away, we have a lack of ability to break the enemy defense or some confusion, this allows enemies to counterattack using projectiles.

How to play as a Ranger in DNF Duel?

The first thing we must know is the subject of the attacks and specials that Ranger has in DNF Duel and they are:

  • Weak attacks: it should be noted that the weak attack usually works to shoot at head height, it will also sniff out enemies that may be crouched, so knowing how to play as a Ranger offers the possibility of using this attack, generally, to mark to enemies that can jump through the air, these attacks are the ones used with projectiles.
  • Standing heavy attack: this is another of the attacks that we have in DNF Duel and in this case we are allowed to make a combination with the crouching heavy attack to get the enemies to move away.
  • Standing Skill Attack: We are still talking about how to play as a Ranger and in this case we are allowed to kick forward.
  • Steep slide: this is a crouching ability that we have in this game and that offers us the ability to slide towards the middle of the screen, we can combine it with the long-lasting hitbox.
  • Windmill: this is a forward skill, its functionality consists of executing a breakdance kick a total of 3 times, we can enter this skill after Windmill and thus achieve Air Raid to get up in the air.
  • Triple Tab: This is another of the necessary skills to execute to know how to play as a Ranger and it is a backwards skill, it is usually one of the final combos, whose objective is to hit our weapon downwards and shoot the target a total of 3 times.
  • G-14 Bluster: This is a jump skill that usually favors us in DNF Duel, we can even take care of stealing a grenade from the enemy after some time, this okizeme and zoning tool allows us to mix and match the grab.


 It is necessary to take into account that there are magical ranger attacks that we must know to know how to play as a Ranger and this implies:
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  • Suppressive bombardment: this is nothing more than standing magic that allows us to wildly shoot the weapons in front of him, it should be noted that this is a long-range attack and that it can last a long time, with this we manage to cover rolls and jumps of automatically, this is a type of attack that can be used perfectly well after having used G-14 Bluster because the enemy will try to avoid the grenade, it is good to keep in mind that this bomber allows you to chain on itself about 3 times, it has an Ender combo in DNF Duel that usually costs 40 meters the first time, in the case of the second it costs 30 meters and the last 15 meters.
  • Wild Shot: This is another of the magics you need to know to know how to play as a Ranger and this is a crouching magic, this attack usually costs 60 meters, it is a defensive tool and it is our main reversal attack when playing as a Ranger.
  • Deadly Focus: We are still immersed in DNF Duel and this is a forward magic that allows us to go out to jump a considerable distance towards the enemy, it allows us to hit and make the enemy collapse, this opens the opportunity for us to extend the combo or establish G- 14 Bluster, this is an attack that we can implement to tag enemies in the air.
  • Death Hawk: This is Back Magic, we are allowed to throw the pistols to the middle of the screen so that they can be fired wildly against the enemy, which means that they must protect themselves for some time and here we can well use the combined extender to set G-14 Bluster.
  • SCUD Genocide: This is jump magic that seems to be a certain resemblance to the suppressor bomber, so knowing how to play as a Ranger offers us the possibility of using this magic as an aerial movement version, we can shoot the weapons below it and get chain him indefinitely, this as long as we have enough meter, in addition to the correct space, this usually has a cost of 30 meters the first time in the case of the second it will be 20 meters and the last time it will cost 10 meters.
  • Ranger style of play: it is necessary to take into account that the game is designed to be played far from where we are, we will only be able to caress the long-range movements and of course, the projectiles, however, there is susceptibility of the rolls and the characters that use vertical mobility, such is the case of Dragon Knight, we can use the projectiles and G-14 Bluster to keep the enemies at bay, we will also have to play intelligently and manage to predict the possible reactions of the opponent to our area.

 We must take care of cornering the enemy in DNF Duel and in this case we can use combos, in addition to configurations that can end up in the G-14 Bluster, we must manage to exhaust his guard, when we wake up we get the sudden death effect, so that we get the hitting an enemy, we can inflict revenge debuff and this allows enemies to deal 25 percent damage, but they can take much more damage when hitting them and less MP recovery, in this case it is vital to take advantage of long-range movements and attacks .

 This is all you need to know about How to play as a Ranger, just apply these tasks described here and thus win more easily in DNF Duel.

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