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Minecraft: how to craft grindstone

2020-05-15 13:30:06

Construction in Minecraft does not stop and this makes us feel useful, we invite you to see how to make whetstone

What is a whetstone in Minecraft?

This is nothing more than a necessary piece and used by the blacksmiths in this game, it is a grinding block, which is sufficiently repowered thanks to the mixture of other ingredients of the same type, since it is necessary to have excellent durability that can be achieved 5 percent, a favorable enough figure.

What is the whetstone used for in Minecraft?

  • Remove all enchantments from items.
  • Delete any previous work or penalty from an article.
NOTE. Cursed items cannot be used with this stone because it is simply useless.

How to make whetstone in Minecraft?

To make this stone it is only enough to get:

  • 2. sticks.
  • 1 stone slab.
  • 2 wooden boards.


We must place the sticks in the upper corners one on the left side, another on the right, in the middle of the top row we place the slab and in the middle row the two boards one on the left side another on the right side , and use the blast furnace.

Difference between whetstone and anvil at Minecraft.

  • The whetstone is used to remove enchantments.
  • The anvil renames objects and leaves enchantments.

 This is all we can tell you about how to make whetstone, as it is a fairly simple activity but with phenomenal results in Minecraft.

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18 November 2011
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