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Guide to learn How to craft a Shulker box in Minecraft

  In case you don't know, Shulker Box is a portable box that can store and transport items. This box could be comparable to normal chests in that both have storage spaces for 27 items but there is a very marked difference between them, and it is that Shulker's Boxes are destroyed, they keep all the elements inside them; Whereas, when chests are destroyed, they drop all the items stored within them.

In case you want to create a temporary box, in this guide we will explain how to craft this specialty.

How to craft a Shulker box in Minecraft?

required materials

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    • 2 Shulker projectiles
    • 1 chest

    Go to the Crafting table and insert the Shulker shells and the chest inside, which will turn into a Shulker box. The Shulker box is crafted in purple, however, you can change its color by crafting the Shulker box with any of the various color tint options within the crafting table. Shulker's projectiles are obtained by defeating Shulker's mobs, found in the End Cities region.

      Now that you know how to craft a Shulker box in Minecraft you can be an explosive box, who knows when you will need it in this popular game. Luck!

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