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2020-11-27 14:14:16

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This time we come with a World Of Warcraft Shadowlands guide to guide you in relation to How to get more anima.

What is the anima in World Of Warcraft Shadowlands?

It is the new currency that the recent expansion has brought with it, with which there are many available uses for it, it consists of being the essence of the souls that each of the characters in the game has in this expansion, we can To say that it is the source of energy, currency and more, which leads many of us to seek to know how to get more anima and therefore answers the following content, let's look at it carefully.
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How to get more anima in World Of Warcraft Shadowlands?

We have 3 possibilities to do it, the first is to join a pact and thus we will unlock World Quest to get anima, having a list of adventures that we can continue to achieve a source of it with ease, and the third option is to talk to some characters that allow the unlocking of Covenant missions and get encouraged, what we must consider of the 3 options we have is that to join Covenant we require that we reach the highest level and it is good to know that in this expansion it is not something so difficult to achieve, thus achieving the cultivation of the new currency, then we have many ways to use it, such as in 4 different covenants, each having 3 different uses, the first 2 being similar for all, while for The last one is unique for each pact to create a minigame different from the other pacts than for the creation of a transport link and unlocking activity. des.

 So we finished our guide on How to get more anima, hoping that you can get the most out of World Of Warcraft Shadowlands, a very busy game.

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