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Welcome to our Minecraft guide, where we will talk about How to craft a potion of water breathing.

What to know about the water breathing potion in Minecraft?

Despite being able to do endless things in this game, we have to be able to explore under the oceans is something very complicated, but with the water breathing potion it is something that can be of great support to do so, there are different ones variations, where each one fulfills the same function, gain access to underwater monuments, face creatures, even mining underwater will become something possible, now making potions has not been easy, in this specific case the recipe is vital, So to understand how to craft a potion of water breathing, let's move on to the following details.

How to craft a potion of water breathing in Minecraft?

First, the ingredients and ready work stations are required, a crafts table is necessary, which can be made with wooden boards x4 and with anything it is possible to create a month of crafts, now what we need are fire bars x2, cobblestones x3, water bottle x1, lower wart x1, puffer fish x1 and red stone x1 which is optional, with the fire bars and the cobblestones we are going to make a brewing station, although these can be obtained through the theft of towns or villages to avoid doing it ourselves.
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    When we have all the ingredients and the brewing station will then come the time to make the potion, the fire bar that we have left is the first thing to use to make the fire powder, after that we have to follow a few steps in the brewing station and these are the following:

    • We enter the menu of the brewing station
    • We add the fire powder to activate the brewing station noticed by the bubbles
    • We add the water bottle in one of the 3 boxes that are at the bottom of the menu, now if we fill each of the available slots we will get more potions
    • Add the wart to the top box and wait for the process to take place
    • We add the puffer fish in the upper box and wait for the process, thus having the water potion
    • Optionally we can use the red stone, with which the potion will add a longer breathing time underwater

    In conclusion, knowing how to craft a potion of water breathing is excellent, because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Minecraft.

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