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Angel Marquez
2021-01-20 14:14:32

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With our help you will see that knowing Where to find all the undiscovered areas on Dartmoor, England is easier than you thought in Hitman 3.

What to know about the undiscovered areas in Dartmoor, England in Hitman 3?


  In this map we find 22 areas to discover, which would lead us to obtain the housemaster trophy, being necessary that we use an investigator disguise to access most of these areas, you have to get a master key located in Butler Fernsby's office, which allows us to access the closed doors, but to access said office we will have to force entry, having a lever in the outside garden behind the greenhouse, now it is appropriate to know where to find all the undiscovered areas in Dartmoor, England and we will see below the details.
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Where to find all the undiscovered areas in Dartmoor, England in Hitman 3?


 For level 0

  •  The garden: west of the map
  • The cemetery: to the south exterior of the map
  • The lobby: on the western exterior of the map
  • The greenhouse: on the western exterior of the map
  • The trophy room: in the great room that is in the upper left part, going clockwise
  • The library: the great room on the left going clockwise
  • The dining room: the great room that we have in the upper right part following the hands of the clock
  • The living room: in the center of the map is the great main room going clockwise
  • The kitchen: in a room that is in the lower right part, going clockwise
  • The Staff Lounge - Adjacent to the Great Room
  • Fernsby's office: it is a closed area that requires a master key, it is located adjacent to the previous room


For level 1

  •  The first secret room: the staff from Gregory's room is required to be put into the socket on the upper floor of the library pointing west
  • Emma and Gregory's Room - Found in the upper left corner
  • Rebecca's Room - Found in the lower right corner
  • The second secret room: from Rebecca's room we have access, we must interact with the photo or else from the small office occupied by the lawyer when interacting with the book
  • Zachary's room: at the beginning of the investigation we found it in the upper right corner, that is, we are going as a private investigator
  • The small office: it is located on the north side of the house
  • The third secret room: from Zachary's room we can access by interacting with the book


For level 2

  •  Alexa Charlisle's office: located on the top of the floor
  • Alexa Charlisle's bedroom - we have it at the bottom of this floor
  • The secret room: we find it through the private room
  • The private room: it is adjacent to the office


For level 3

  •  There is no area to explore

 Knowing where to find all the undiscovered areas on Dartmoor, England is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Hitman 3.

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