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Minecraft: how to build boats

2020-05-27 10:36:05

The creations in Minecraft are simply phenomenal, let's see how to build boats

Why is it necessary to build boats in Minecraft?

This is a game in which the process of building becomes the most important thing and the boats have become part of it according to their history, normally in the beginning it is easy, since it is possible to have a small rowboat to us and for our pet pig, since it functions practically as a vehicle in Minecraft.

Knowing how to build boats is fantastic and here it has various uses, only it will be necessary to avoid drowning a mob in any way possible, or to perform any act where evil is involved, since the main objective here is to give it the correct use to get up level, and opting for a very elegant boat that serves to sail the waters of treacherous seas can be quite a challenge.

How to build boats in Minecraft?

It is necessary to have the Java edition, since the ideal is to start with small, modest boats that allow us to use the wood, with the passage of time and with the lessons learned we can consider making larger boats, for this it is necessary to get the following materials:


  •  5 dark oak planks.
  • Jungle planks.
  • Fir planks.
  • Acacia planks.
  • Oak planks.
  • Wooden shovel.


 To build it it is necessary to place 3 planks along the bottom row, two planks on the right, and on the left, on the right in the middle row, it is necessary to understand that if we are in the Bedrock edition it will be necessary to consider using a wooden shovel that can be placed in the center part of the manufacturing grid, as it is a simple job as long as we get the elements.

One of the most interesting activities is knowing how to build boats and that is that they can be intimidating, because it can be thanks to the size, the detail is that it should not be considered in this way, it is also possible to manufacture it in just 30 minutes, the time it takes to fit the concealed hatch, deck and sails is undoubtedly a great build for Long John Silver.

In the specific case of the yacht, it is a little smaller than a boat but more luxurious, it is also part of the number of constructions that can be carried out in Minecraft, and we can give it a particular style, as some of them have certain amenities that They would become super yachts, and it is possible to start with some creation like that as a girl, with Keralis being the most dedicated to these constructions.

How to use the boats in Minecraft?

Knowing how to build boats is not only manufacturing it and now, it is necessary to have the possibility of knowing how to create it, because these are simply very useful pieces, the most ideal thing now that we are duels is to feel proud of our creation, get them to be able to move comfortably in the water, making it strong and cannot be damaged by a water collision, counting that they only have 4 health points, is an excellent option to cross the universe, since it is possible to make long trips, it is necessary to have Some supplies to live, it is ideal to keep in mind that the boats only move by the current of water, since they are influenced by the flow of water, for this it is necessary to make use of the controls.


  • Boat use commands.
  •  It is necessary to use the Sprint key to increase the field of vision.
  • The item key is required to enter the ship.
  • There are ship's address keys and these are: Forward, Left, Right, Back.
  • We must use the escape key to get out of our boat.

 Definitely knowing how to build boats is an excellent and simple task that Minecraft presents us, it is also a means of transport that we cannot ignore.

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18 November 2011
Single-player, multiplayer
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