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If you want to know where to find armor in Minecraft Dungeons, because you are in the right place, we will explain it here.

 In Minecraft Dungeons the gears and artifacts play a role of utmost importance, because with these we will be able to reinforce our character, in order to make it stronger, so this time we will understand where to find armor, the content following this guide will help us, pay close attention.

What to know about the armors in Minecraft Dungeons?

In order to find the armor, it is good to keep in mind that the rewards in general are random, but there is a specific set of equipment that obtains the advantage according to the level we have with our character, an example of which is the sword, when we find it in the creepy crypt, its level, rarity, charms and statistics will be random, due to the fact that according to the level of our character and the difficulty of the game itself, they are influencing factors in the abilities of the sword, now in Regarding where to find armor, we need to continue reading.
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    Where to find armor in Minecraft Dungeons?


    •   Mercenary Armor: Cacti Cannon and Burning Forge
    • Thief's Armor: Redstone Mines and Temple of the Desert
    • Grim Armor: Temple of the Desert and Pinnacle of Obsidian
    • Plate Armor: Burning Forge
    • Mysterious Armor: Soaked Swamp and Desert Temple
    • Wolf Armor: Vines Forests and Redstone Mines
    • Soul Robe: Vines Forest and Highblock Hills
    • Robe of Evocation: Soaked Swamp and Obsidian Pinnacle
    • Reinforced Mail: Burning Forge
    • Mail Scale: Pumpkin Grasses and Burning Forge
    • Creepy Armor: Cacti Cannon and Redstone Mines
    • The Ghost Armor: Creepy Crypt, Vines Forest, and Redstone Mines
    • Hunter's Armor: Creepy Crypt and Creeper Forest

      It is evident that knowing where to find armor allows us to progress and have more fun in Minecraft Dungeons.

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