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Our walk through Minecraft Dungeons leads us to know where to find all runes

What does Minecraft Dungeons bring to us?

This is a game where it is necessary to mobilize through the dungeons, where the hordes of enemies are quite formidable, which makes it necessary to have certain amounts of abilities and some hidden secrets, but this brings some interesting elements, implying with this is the need to know where to find all the runes.

To know where to find all the runes, it is necessary to count on a difficulty that is not so complicated, contacting the possibility of beating enemies where some bosses are included in Minecraft Dungeons, the important thing here is that it is not essential to complete any mission, only these runes are locked in some hidden doors and make a total of 9.

It is important to note that to know where to find all the runes it is necessary to access the cathedral, this implies going through the herero and heading to the small farm to proceed to move to the left, there it is possible to observe a hidden entrance, it is quite complicated to see, since it is covered by some trees, our task is to hug the court until we reach the path and that it can take us north to where the church is, there we can enter and observe the Minecraft Dungeons map that we guide to.
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    Where to find all runes in Minecraft Dungeons?

    Creeper Woods.

    This is the first rune that we need to find, to get it it is necessary to fight against some enemies until we can access a wooded area, there we will see a stone floor, in the gravel it is possible to observe a switch with which it will be necessary to interact to collect the rune that spawns in front of us in Minecraft Dungeons after being launched to open a hidden door, this is located in a careful girl who is populated by corrupt, but we have nothing specific to do with them.

    Cactus Canyon.

    We continue our journey to know where to find all the runes and we come to an area where it is necessary to eliminate some enemies, our work here should be concentrated on the switch that is near the stone wall and proceed to touch it by the secret entrance open and with This will access the rune, but to achieve this it will be necessary to make considerable progress at this level to the point of being in an area where we can recover some keys.

    Soaked swamp.

    Knowing where to find all the runes allows us to move around many areas, our job is to move around some entrance doors, avoiding as much as possible to interact with any exit door, for this it is ideal to approach the stone pillar that has some mushrooms that grow, There we are presented with the possibility of touching the button that shows us the exact location of the rune, since it can only reach the end of the level when we have defeated the boss.

    Pumpkin Pastures.

    Half saber where finding all the runes leads us with a switch and in this particular case it is located behind some boxes at the end of the wall, it is not necessary to reach the drawbridge, this search leads us to climb a hill to head to the ramparts in Minecraft Dungeons, this is a rune that can be obtained after passing the first house that is on fire, it is found quite soon on the level.

    Redstone Mines.

    Whether at the beginning or advanced in the level, knowing where to find all the runes becomes a necessary task, our job is to fight against a certain number of enemies to go to the north wall and move around the wall in order to go down towards Where some Redstone crystals are located, it is vital to observe a flashlight, since it is the location of the switch, only that before accessing it it is necessary to fight the enemies in Minecraft Dungeons, because it is necessary to take into account that it is our duty to get free the villagers before getting the rune giving this when we have managed to reach it on the level.

    Burning Forge.

    Progress in Minecraft Dungeons is vital and for this rune particularly we will have to run until we reach the steps near a dead Redstone golem after we have reached the first gate and entered when we are starting a progress through the mine, it offers us the opportunity to see a level in the corner where we can get the hidden door to open.

    Desert Temple.

    To achieve this rune, it is necessary to move down some walls to reach a level that is hidden, in the upper corner of a room with palm trees, then it will be necessary to access the room to obtain a golden key, because it is necessary to have Be careful because we are in an area infested with traps and it is the only way we have to access, being through the desert temple.

    High level room.

    Not always knowing where to find all the runes can become fairly simple, since sometimes it can be somewhat more difficult, the ideal with this rune is to get through the town and reach the stairs to reach a certain level in the wall that we It allows to be above some stained glass, the problem here is that we will have to go through some areas of Minecraft Dungeons that will be infested by zombies and skeletons.

    Obsidian Pinnacle.

    Our task of knowing where to find all the runes has allowed us to reach the last location and this takes us to the routes to the extreme north where it will be necessary to interact with a book on a shelf, only with this it is possible to activate a secret passageway to which we access to a hidden room made it is possible to get the rune to spawn, since this is the library rune in Minecraft Dungeons that is located halfway to the Obsidian Pinnacle, only at this point it will be necessary to eliminate the villagers and the Golem

    What do we get by finding all the runes in Minecraft Dungeons?

    Getting the runes is the biggest achievement achieved in the dungeons, but this also includes unlocking the secret cow level, and this makes us have to go back to camp and go to church once more, so we must do our best to run until we get close to the switch to click that is below the arcane symbols, achieving with this that these can glow purple and that this allows us to open the cut to be able to take the parchment after having opened the chests that lead us to unlock the next level, in addition to having the opportunity to get more adventures in this game.

    This is all we can say about where to find all runes, but this implies having to move through the level and fight with a number of enemies in Minecraft Dungeons.

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