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We continue our walk through GTA 5 and this time we are ready to explain how to use GT Bike V

What is GT Bike V in GTA 5?

  Actually this is a game that has been quite attractive to a large number of audiences around the world, and has managed to make the introduction of some modes, specifically the GT Bike V is an interesting mode, since it allows us to connect our bicycle to the game and to be able to pedal for the Saints, because knowing how to use GT Bike V allows us to get around with our abilities, managing to make some virtual walks while being in the comfort of the house.
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    How to use GT Bike V in GTA 5?

     Enjoying this game simply places us at a point where emotions and action come together to give us more strength, perhaps we could never get to grief that riding a bicycle and walking through the saints could be possible, especially when counting that it could be done with a bicycle real, as this is part of some additions that Epic Games has recently incorporated with the purpose of giving it a twist, becoming a unique title.

     This is simply a mode in which it is necessary to place ourselves on a virtual training platform, that if first it will be necessary to download the GT Bike V Mode and execute the instructions to be installed, here below we have posted a video where you will observe how to do it, sincerely not It is complicated but interesting in GTA 5.

     Carrying out the trainings allows us to use certain platforms without having to leave from our house, and it is necessary to know how to use GT Bike V having in common the use of a communication protocol called ANT whose purpose is to make our pedaling movements can be transferred to different simulators, the platforms are:

    •  Elite.
    • Bkool
    • Tacx.
    • Saris.
    • Kinetic.

    Knowing how to use GT Bike V can simply make us a rockstar considering that it is possible to have some well-marked differences, and offering us certain advantages when compared to other platforms. It should be noted that this mode has recently been created as a proposal for simulators and cyclist training systems carried out by Makinolo and has been incorporated for the single player mode, it also has the possibility of generating a .FIT file that It allows you to get a summary of our and session, and we even have the opportunity to share it with our friends and acquaintances, because even when it is not multiplayer it is possible to share it, they may ask us where we have been and perhaps they did not even imagine that it is in GTA 5.

     In any case, the new additions that this game brings can become very interesting even when there are players who can consider that there are no surprises, the small great detail is that they are eventualities that simply no one could have imagined would happen, but that with some creativity and ingenuity have been attached and we can get another twist to the game.

     Definitely knowing how to use GT Bike V simply becomes a fun mode that we have in GTA 5 and we simply cannot miss it.

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