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This time we return with a Minecraft Dungeons guide aiming to explain how to solve puzzles in Soggy's caves.

In Minecraft Dungeons at the moment of accessing the soaked Caves we will find a couple of puzzles, where the solution of the puzzles is necessary if we want to continue advancing with the need to get the obsidian chest that is on the other side, potentially by such fact we have to know how to solve the puzzles in the caves of Soggy and the steps to follow will be presented right now in this explanatory guide.

What are the Soggy Caves puzzles about in Minecraft Dungeons?

The determination of these is the realization of a connection that occurs between the first stone block with the last one, to press the necessary correct buttons, in an order, so we will have several interactions for the puzzles in the soaked caves, but the function that the latter is the change and modification of the red stone blocks continuously, which places us in the presence of a very complex pattern, however the buttons are unique and the same at all times, it is necessary that we engrave the operation of each of the buttons to perform any of the combinations that are necessary, now let's move on to the most important part of this explanation.

How to solve puzzles in Soggy's caves in Minecraft Dungeons?

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    Here we will get 2 buttons, without having red stone blocks, the right button without executing any action if there is no block above, now for the one on the left it is different since with this we will remove the middle block, placing it in the part from above, which allows us to use the right button, making the block go down but raise another, it is necessary to lower the middle block again and do the process several times is necessary for us to get two side blocks up, to then press the left button raised the middle one in this way.


    We have that for the second of the puzzles there are 4 buttons, taking into account one of them raised, or at least, on the 1st of the buttons it will go down to the most recent block and managing to raise the one located behind this, the 2nd button allows both the second and fourth blocks to go up and down, now the 3rd button goes up or down to the 3 blocks that are in the middle, lastly we have the 4th button will make us lower the most recent block and going up at the same time the one in front of it.

    It is necessary that you demonstrate with the combination that is related to the blocks that we have, for this we seek to raise the 1st and 5th block, then pressing the 3rd button so that it completes the set, with this strategy you have an effective solution to the puzzles , only it becomes more complex when we have the same time at 2 blocks raised, we must consider the changes that these puzzles go through when we complete the soaked caves, without being able to predict what we will achieve now, everything can be solved with which we are aware of the operation of the buttons.

    In conclusion, knowing how to solve the puzzles in the caves of Soggy is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Minecraft Dungeons.

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