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Today we bring you a guide on How to beat the Minecraft One Earth Block mod.

What to know about the Minecraft One Earth Block mod?

  It is a mod like the others, this one has similarities with the earth and manages to grant the elements in its entirety practically in the game, it can be known by a compressed version of the earth because of the texture it has, now looking to know how beat Minecraft One Earth Block mod let's carefully follow the content below.

How to beat the Minecraft One Earth Block mod?

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Our purpose is to survive in the Skyblock configuration, for this we have to extract the block to get random elements, if it breaks it won't matter, because it will be constantly regenerating, the objective is to go to the final dimension to defeat the Ender Dragon, but being a world of this type we have that the mod does not have strength, now to reach that location it is necessary to make a portal with the frames to use the eyes of Ender to activate it.

 The final portal frames will be obtained while we extract the earth block, we have to do it until we find them, with some luck we will do it quickly, it requires 12 final portal frames and 12 ender eyes for the creation of the final portal, then we place the eyes in the frame so that this portal is activated, we will enter to reach the final dimension, we will get weapons and armor from the ground block for the confrontation with the appropriate equipment.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat the Minecraft One Earth Block mod we can get on with our fun.

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