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Getting problems is normal in games, let's see How to fix packet loss and high ping in CSGO.

What is packet loss and high ping in CSGO?

 This is nothing more than an inconvenience that ends up ruining all the fun and experience in this game, so it is necessary to know How to fix packet loss and high ping in CSGO, this type of error can occur due to problems of connectivity for the most part, however, it is good to make it clear that there is a fix for this error and it is precisely about this that we will talk about in this guide.

 Before embarking on a fix we must take into account that ping or latency is nothing more than the time it usually takes for a server to respond when a request is usually started, so it is necessary to know how to fix packet loss and high ping in CSGO, this considering that there is a short time gap to start, we are talking about milliseconds (ms), simply, it usually translates to the lower the ping, the smoother the game tends to feel.

How to fix packet loss and high ping in CSGO?

 It is ideal to have a ping range that is less than 60 ms, the loss of data packets when they are usually transmitted between the source and the receiver is the loss of packets and is usually measured in percentage, the loss should be 0 percent, without However, having 1% or 2% may be tolerable, although not recommended, however, having considerable packet loss makes it necessary to take care of communicating with our internet provider.

 Knowing How to fix packet loss and high ping in CSGO makes it necessary to consider:
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CS: GO network setup: there is the possibility of configuring the network rate, this goes according to the internet speed, with this we achieve a more viable connectivity, the data usually arrives faster, in case of having unstable connections we may experience delays.

Here is the list of rates according to internet speed:


  •  1Mbps: rate 125000
  • 2Mbps: rate 250000
  • 3Mbps: rate 375000
  • 4Mbps: rate 500000
  • 5Mbps: rate 625000
  • 6Mbps: rate 750000


 Console commands: this is another action to consider in this list of tasks to know How to fix packet loss and high ping in CSGO and there are some commands that usually favor us to get a better gaming experience, these are:


  •  cl_interp_ratio 2
  • cl_cmdrate 128
  • cl_lagcompensation 1
  • cl_interpolate 1
  • cl_predict weapons 1
  • cl_predict 1
  • cl_interp 0
  • cl_updaterate 128


Empty DNS cache: the cache always brings us problems, this is nothing more than the accumulation of temporary files from web sites that we have recently visited and this can cause problems, to empty the cache we must:

  •  Open the Startup tab and search for “cmd” to open it as administrator.
  • At the cmd prompt we will type 'ipconfig /flushdns' and proceed to press Enter.
  • The DNS cache has been flushed and we can now continue playing normally.


 Close tasks and applications in background: this is another of the actions to execute to know how to fix packet loss and high ping in CSGO and it is that many times there are applications that may be running, such is the case of spotify, for name some and this means that bandwidth can be lost, to close these applications we must:


  •  Press Ctrl Alt Del in order to open the task manager and in the window tab we will click on Performance.
  • At the bottom we click on Open resource monitor and proceed to click on the Network tab.
  • Next, we select Processes with Network Activity and right-click the tasks we know about.
  • We must click on End process to close the application, here it is necessary to avoid manipulating network services or programs that we may not know about.


 Check network and Ethernet cable: sometimes we have problems that may go unnoticed by some, we must disconnect the devices or change the Wi-Fi password, this allows us to achieve improvements, however, having a cable connection is much more favorable due to that it is usually more stable and avoids packet loss.

 Contact the ISP:
in the event that we have not been able to solve this problem with the solutions provided here, the only thing left to do is contact the ISP because the problem could come from them, perhaps the server on which we are playing is very away and this prevents a stable connection from being possible.

 In this sense, knowing How to fix packet loss and high ping in CSGO offers us the opportunity to apply various fixes and thus continue enjoying the game.

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