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Minecraft Nether: Where to find ruined portals

2020-06-23 09:37:02

In this guide we will be addressing everything you need to know about where to find ruined portals in Minecraft Nether.

What are the ruined portals in Minecraft Nether?

It is a type of portal that can destroy the Abyss and can be found scattered throughout the game world. In the game each portal has a block called Crying Obsidian that you can find.

Where to find ruined portals in Minecraft Nether?

As we already mentioned, these portals are scattered throughout the game world, they can spawn underground, underwater or in the middle of nowhere, in the Nether. You can easily find them because they have underground blocks around them, you will know that you are approaching a ruined portal next to the underground platform on the ground.

Those underground have airbags around them, so they are pushing blocks above them more than usual. Ruined portals with modified airbags in standard, rainforest, abyssal, and mountain biomes.

When finding the portals, remember to check the chests that are close to getting you everything, gold, iron nuggets and much more.

This is all you need to know about where to find ruined portals in Minecraft Nether, we hope that it has been very useful to you and that now you know how to find this type of portal and what you can get from them, you can get the most out of your ventures.

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