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2020-09-10 08:52:33

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In this article you will find everything you need if you were wondering how to fix Interrogation Anxiety Mission Error in Marvel’s Avengers.

What is Interrogation Anxiety Mission Error in Marvel’s Avengers.

Let's start by saying that Interrogation Anxiety is a mission from the main story, unfortunately the mission had some errors that did not allow progress. The bug was that you couldn't interact with a key character that was tied to the progress of the game, so this was where you got stuck, at least until today, because we prepared a fix for this bug.
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How to fix Interrogation Anxiety Mission Error in Marvel’s Avengers.

The first thing you have to understand is that the developers are already aware of this and other errors in the game and are working on correcting it, so we will probably have a solution on their part at any time.

Meanwhile, the best thing you can do is simply restart the game and when you log in again, the error should not be there.

Another way to correct the problem is to change the character and choose Natasha Romanoff. To do this you will have to exit the game and reload it but this time with Natasha. Keep in mind that this method is more fortunate, because we have used it twice differently and one did not work, so it probably will not work for some, but it still does not hurt trying.

 We hope that with this article on how to fix Interrogation Anxiety Mission Error in Marvel’s Avengers, you have been able to fix this problem on the first try. In case you have not solved it in the first attempt, we recommend you close the game and let it rest for a while and try again later, we also hope that the developers will soon release the update that will correct it.

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