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Our goal in the Sims 4 is to progress and go as far as possible for this it is important to know How to join the First Order

What is First Order in Sims 4?

  The rebel resistance is called First Order and here it is necessary to place ourselves on a specific side, as it is practically a necessary condition, here it is possible to experience a complete search, since it is necessary to side with the Stormtroopers or the Rebels, but not We can stay out of it, especially considering that there is a need to be authoritarian.
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    How to join the First Order in The Sims 4?

     It is important to consider that joining together means an alliance, because we are in an area where the execution of missions is important, this makes us have to go to the District of the First Order of Batuu, because here it is important to talk with the companions to deliver the missions that we can complete it, only that this process involves having to chat with an NPC and it is Lieutenant Agnon from Star Wars, who contains a marker over his head which simply makes things easier for us.

     Once we find the NPC it is necessary to click on it and proceed to select "Request missions", this will make them appear on the screen, we accept some of them, we complete it and with this we will get the necessary and sufficient confidence to be part of this order in addition to being able to continue with the execution of other missions in the game.

     Definitely, the Sims 4 have made us stick to them for a long time and this seems to continue even more, so knowing how to join the First Order simply makes us feel more connected since somehow this universe still seems to have no end.

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