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2020-09-04 12:16:22

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In the universe of Marvel's Avengers we have many tasks and one of them is Where to find resources and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about the resources in Marvel's Avengers?

The resources necessary to improve and progress in the game are many, our team being essential, it is necessary to make the different improvements that achieve the increase in the power of the characters, know where to find resources and for this we are going to have in this guide the details of each one of the resources, without more to say let's continue with the following.

Where to find resources on Marvel's Avengers?

Through the missions we can receive some of the resources as a reward, being vital that we are aware of it and it is good that we enter the tab objects that the menu has, we will see here the current chains and what is obtained when completing them, let's see now all the following resources:
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  • Coordinates of the vault: on our map they are cultivated between 2 to 3 minutes
  • Catalyst: in most levels we will be able to find this resource in the yellow boxes, by disassembling the unnecessary equipment and buying it from the equipment vendor.
  • Fragments: when disassembling any object it is possible to obtain, also the boxes that are in the different levels can be and the equipment seller buying it is another option.
  • DNA key: in boss battles is where it is possible to find, this in the daily faction missions we can find them.
  • Upgrade modules: we can find this resource in the chests of some levels and when eliminating elite enemies in missions.
  • Nanotube: when removing the unnecessary equipment and in the boxes that have blue orbs that we find in the different levels.
  • Nanites: in the purple boxes found in most levels and when buying them from the equipment vendor.
  • Polycoron: by completing the missions of the faction it is possible to get this resource as a reward, the missions of the boss and the enemies that are elite can drop it in the different levels.
  • Plasma: when dismantling equipment that are of high level and in the chests of some levels we can also find it.
  • Uru: in the chests that are in some levels and through the purchase of the equipment vendor we can obtain this resource.

This is how we finalize our guide on Where to find resources, hoping that this content will be very useful for you to progress in this game as moved as Marvel's Avengers is.

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