2020-09-04 12:05:46

Rogue Company users can rest assured, because today we will tell you how to repair error code 1000,024,506.

What is Rogue Company error code 1000,024,506 about.

If you thought it was a server error, then you were wrong, because it really is one of the scary error codes when it comes to account suspension and cheating, meaning that you cannot play since your account She is suspended for prohibited activities such as cheating. Fortunately, today we will teach you how to correct this problem.
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How to fix error code 1000,024,506 in Rogue Company?

The first thing you have to know is that a representative of Hi-Rez Studios said the following on his Twitter account: “This error usually occurs when an account is banned. This is generally for cheating, but you should contact our support team for more information. "

In this sense, the best you can do is contact the support team of the game, if you really did not cheat then there is nothing to fear and all you have to do is a little patience for your account to be restored.

Now that you know how to fix the error code 1000,024,506 in Rogue Company, we hope that the support team will respond to your communication as soon as possible and will be able to resolve this error quickly.

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