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2020-09-08 08:43:34

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In the universe of Marvel's Avengers we have many tasks, one of them is How to link a Square Enix account and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about the Square Enix account in Marvel's Avengers?

  To get the most out of this game it is necessary to be online constantly, if we are in cooperative mode we will be able to have a better experience and with our connected Square Enix account this will be possible to do with other online players, we may also have the right to the updates that are presented later, among which are the new missions, characters and expansions that have to do with the history of the game, for this reason we have to know how to link a Square Enix account and in this guide the details to do so below.
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How to link a Square Enix account in Marvel's Avengers?

 What we will do first is go to in our browser on our phone or computer, once we are here it is necessary to log in or create the account, we can use the Facebook, Steam or Final Fantasy XI account or XIV online, in order to make a quick start of the session, after we do it it is necessary that we enter a 9-digit code and that in the same game we will find it, for this we will enter the campaign or initiative avenger for this to load together with the session, here in case we do not have the linked account we will go through a few steps to do it then, if we will not go to configuration until we are in the bequeath section, here is the option that we will allow to note the membership, in the event that we already have our account connected we will notice a message that this is ready and otherwise it is where we will receive the code to enter it, which allows us to make the connection, on the web From Square Enix we will be able to manage our accounts in case of any problem with the connection, now if we do not notice that the platform we are playing on is connected, it is necessary to click on the icon on the right so that the correct start of the session.

 Knowing how to link a Square Enix account is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Marvel's Avengers

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