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The bosses are present in Marvel's Avengers and that is why today we are going to tell you how to beat Modok

Who is Modok at Marvel's Avengers?

This is a boss who needs to be eliminated since he is determined to put an end to the life of the superheroes, this fight is carried out in three phases, because this is simply a somewhat complicated encounter, since this boss is located in the quarantine zone and also it is only possible to get them in the mission of the final story of the game, because this makes knowing how to beat Modok is simply a necessary task for which we have prepared ourselves and we decided to share these details with all of you.

How to beat Modok in Marvel's Avengers?

First phase: This battle starts after a cut scene, for this it is necessary to use Iron Man who has the ability to remove the propellants as this is necessary to avoid the blows of the boss who is obviously determined not to stay calm and will choose to target him with laser attacks, with damaged propellants this boss falls to the ground, as this combat occurs in the quarantine zone when we observe some signals from the headlights.
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Second phase: We have already achieved that this boss has fallen to the floor but it will not be defeated definitively, it still has some propellant that allows it to move and thus hurt us in Marvel's Avengers if we let ourselves be touched, so it is necessary at this point to make use of the Captain America, because it is an important figure when it comes to knowing how to beat Modok, since it is not completely demolished yet, for this it is important to concentrate on damaging the propeller that is at the bottom and is still working, it is vital to be Pay attention because Modok will do everything possible to attack us, so we will be smarter and choose to execute some jumps, we will use the shield to protect ourselves while we damage the boss's thrusters, for this it is necessary to get Modok down at least three times since during this process it is possible to damage your thrusters completely and prepare for the next phase where we will give you the coup de grace.

Third phase: Obviously Modok is not yet defeated, but it is the most complicated phase because we will have to start the phase with Thor and his forceful blows where he will be forced to invoke the Bifrost, this allows to open Modok's shield which lends itself so that A cut scene is visible and with that we get to see the Black Widow in action, only this boss will choose to execute some psionic attacks and missiles, but this will not last long since the Black Widow enters into action, managing to make attacks of Wave to counter them, this does not end there because this boss summons his Kree Sentinel for which it is necessary to make use of Kamala Khan and thereby defeat Modok

Definitely, knowing how to beat Modok is a complex but necessary task that we carry out in Marvel's Avengers so give it a try, because the fight is really interesting.

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