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2020-08-17 08:02:39

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Today we bring you a Marvel's Avengers guide where we will explain how to obtain a DNA key.

What to know about the DNA key in Marvel's Avengers?

These DNA codes allow us access to a series of special chests, being the only way in which they will be opened, at this point we will surely find chests that require these, the resources that we will find in said chests will be strange and interesting, however, it is necessary to highlight the fact that it is possible to carry only one of these keys, it certainly represents a great challenge to obtain them, for this we have the content of this guide focused on the solution of how to obtain a DNA key, for us it will suffice that we closely follow the following text.
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How to get a DNA key in Marvel's Avengers?

Once we have found the chest in the Snowy Tundra that is in a large tower, the most complicated thing will be the DNA key in Marvel's Avengers it is important that we are on a specific mission we discover it in the description that the war table has, having So in the search for how to obtain a DNA key in the beta we have a single mission in which it can be achieved, in which a titan must be tamed several times if we want the DNA key, then we will go to the level of the Snowy Tundra, it is necessary to bear in mind that when completing this level it disappears, when the final version of the game comes out it is more than certain to have more options in terms of both possibilities, for now we have to play the Stark Realities mission to reach the Snowy Tundra where we found the chest.

 Finally, now that we know how to obtain a DNA key we can move on to Marvel's Avengers

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