Daniel Hidalgo
2022-02-11 09:43:22

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In case you want to know where to find Levatanos core in Lost Ark, the following article covers everything you need to know about it.

What is the Levatane core in Lost Ark?

It is one of the many collectibles that you can find in the game, this is specifically the Yudia collectibles, and then we will tell you how to find it.

Where to find Levatanos core in Lost Ark?

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The first thing you have to do is kill as many enemies as possible in Yudia, since it's not linked to a specific one, you'll want to kill anyone you find. But keep in mind that it has a low drop rate, so you'll probably have to take out multiple enemies to get it.

That's all you need to know about where to find Levatane Core in Lost Ark, so now that we're done, we hope we've been most helpful in completing Yudia's collectibles.

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