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The search tasks continue in Dying Light 2 and for this reason today we will talk to you about How to find blueprints

How to find blueprints in Dying Light 2?

It should be noted that this is a necessary search when we go to a new settlement, this is because it is necessary to take care of buying them, once this has been completed, the manufacturing process usually takes place, although in the same way there is the possibility of improving them, sun that to do it we must have money from the old world, in addition to some infected trophies, with this it is possible to make them stronger and increase the amount that can be manufactured, in this sense, it is necessary to take into account that close-ups can be bought in the bazaar, to access this place you must have completed the prologue after the Scourge Story Quest Markers.

  • It is good to keep in mind that the bazaar has: Weapon mods.
  • Blueprints.
  • Craft materials.

Note: There are some Blueprints that can only be obtained through story progress and are usually favorable for receiving upgrades from a Craftmaster.

How do you get Blueprints through the story in Dying Light 2?

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It is necessary to take into account that many of the plans are usually achieved when we reach certain levels and this implies:

  • During the tutorial we are allowed to get Medicine.
  • While executing the Plague Makers quest we get Lockpicks.
  • After the mission of the creators of the pay we get Throwing Knives.
  • After the quest The Arrival we got the Decoy.
  • After the Unruly Brother Quest we get Molotov Cocktail.
  • Following the mission The Only Way Out we get the Immunity Booster.
  • After the quest Let's Valsar the Quest! we got Arrows.

  Now that you know how to find blueprints, it's time to work hard and thus embark on a quest that can only be done in Dying Light 2

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