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Lost Ark usually brings us more things and for this reason we explain how to use Emotes.

What is the point of using Emotes in Lost Ark?

It is necessary to take into account that emotes are usually nothing more than expressions of moods through an icon, or sometimes there are missions that require the use of these gestures just to progress, in this sense, knowing how to use Emotes It is usually favorable for us, especially in the event that we want to communicate with other players, but we are not interested in using the chat, 0

How to use Emotes in Lost Ark?

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This is an action that is easy enough to execute, so that only the expression that we want to make will be enough and then proceed to press the Enter key, what is vital is that our character can be located in the area designated for that purpose, this in case of writing them in the chat.

Another option that can be applied to get emotes is usually opening the gestures menu, for this it is necessary to press Y so that it allows us to see the complete list, once this has been done, it will only be necessary to take care of clicking on the emote that we are interested in using and our character will obviously be able to do it in practice.

It is good to keep in mind that getting emotes is part of the tasks to be carried out and for this it is possible to go to the game store in order to buy them, nothing more than to be able to do so we must have money, however, this is not necessarily usually the case. done in this way, this is because there is the possibility of unlocking them just by completing missions, so it is favorable to take care of working and completing many tasks, with this we manage to progress and also get some emotes to reflect expressions and moods .

 Now that you know how to use Emotes, it's time to get them and thus express your mood through gestures in Lost Ark.

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