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If you don't know how to make the worm-filtered coffee in Lost Ark, don't worry, because here we will explain how to do it.

What is worm filtered coffee in Lost Ark?

It is one of the seven kitchen collectibles that you can find in the game and is part of Yudia's Adventurer's Tome.

How to make the worm-filtered coffee in Lost Ark?

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In order to find this collectible, you will have to go to the northeast of the Nomad Camp and go through one of the paths that goes to the north region, but go to the northeast corner.

At one point along the way, you will meet a dirty Salt Worm monster, who protects his poop. It is located between two cut trees, under a bush, and you will have to quickly approach it to investigate it to obtain Salt Worm Poop. You'll need to be quick, as if you get hit while investigating, you'll need to kill them before you can investigate again.

When you get the poop, you'll need to go to Chef Hella at Nomad Camp to turn it into worm-filtered coffee, which will cost 900 silver.

That's all there is to know about how to make the worm-filtered coffee in Lost Ark, so now that we've reached the end, we hope you're ready to make this coffee and add it to the tome.

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