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Find out how to fix texture not loading in this excellent and explanatory Dying Light 2 guide.

What to know about the texture not being loaded in Dying Light 2?

Certainly, after the launch of this game there have been many bugs or errors of all kinds, now this one of the textures is added, in some cases they have seen the solution with several restarts, but as for How to fix the texture they do not load there is much to consider and in this guide the necessary details will be presented, let's see them.

How to fix texture not loading in Dying Light 2?

It is important to highlight that we are in early access mode for Dying Light 2, so many problems have been seen, but with the arrival of some patches they can be solved, in this case we want to know how to fix the texture does not load we can consider a set of solutions and these are seen later in this guide, let's see.

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  • Disable Nvidia DLSS mode: This feature can be the cause of this issue, so disabling it may help us on how to fix texture not loading in Dying Light 2, to do this we will go to game settings menu screen for problems graphics are reduced or even vision or more, but if the DLSS mode is not visible we have to make a modification to the ini file.
  • Adjust the field of view: through this option we will see the FPS increased considerably, which results in improvements for the graphics in Dying Light 2, we have this option in the configuration menu, you have to drag the slider according to the performance of the hardware to that the adjustment is correctly adequate, as for How to fix the texture does not load, it is necessary that the other adjustments be established with the low or medium level, managing to solve this problem, in case we can adjust the other visual parameters.
  • Use DX11: DirectX 11 version is important so that we can play on our PC Dying Light 2 and not DirectX 12, while about How to fix texture not loading with Steam we have to open it to go to the library, find the game to give it in the properties, we choose general in the menu on the left where we write dx11 for the launch options, what follows is to start the game, if necessary we click on the play option of the game.
  • Texture configuration settings: it is necessary to consider how to fix textures that do not load that we configure these in the Dying Light 2 menu, for this we open the Steam launcher to go to the library and enter the game, we will we play for this to start, inside we go to configuration, we go through visualization to establish the textures in Epic, here the size to establish is 7000, in case that value is set we will lower it to 2000 and then we place it back to 7000 for the changes to apply to the effects.
  • The increase in virtual memory: through this solution regarding How to fix the texture is not loaded, it is possible, because the free memory can be seen failing in some cases, what we will do is go to the start to enter the control panel , we click on performance and maintenance, then on system, we will go through advanced to give a low performance configuration, we have that through advanced we will get the change under virtual memory, in the unit that has the paging file we must enter, it is necessary the size managed by the system once chosen by the unit, in case it is not checked before we will perform a reboot of our PC to mark it, in case it is managed by the system the size of the paging file we have to enter in the custom size, then you have to write a new size in megabytes and at the end we restart so that the changes are applied.
  • Verification and repair of the files: it is possible that the Dying Light 2 files are corrupt or missing, so we must verify or repair them, for this we have to start Steam to go to the library where we will locate the game, right click on it and we enter its properties, the next thing is to enter verification of the integrity of the game files, we wait for the process to finish and then we restart, in the case of Epic Games Launcher we have to open it to go to our library, press on the 3 points that are next to the game and then verify, which will result in a repair process, it only remains to wait for it to be completed to restart and for the changes to be applied.

 Now that we know how to fix texture not loading we have a chance to get back to our fun in Dying Light 2 again.

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