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Find out how to get to Rohendel in this excellent and explanatory Lost Ark guide.

What to know about Rohendel in Lost Ark?

To get to this point it is required to have completed some things, to have an idea of what they are we have this guide with the necessary details to reach Rohendel, let's just follow closely what it offers us below.

How to get to Rohendel in Lost Ark?

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Level 460 is required to go to the continent, after we complete a couple of missions, being necessary before we talk to the queen, who is in North Vern, her castle will be here, as for the two missions we have that are a new trip and wall of Procyon, once we have managed to complete them we will obtain materials that will help us to make improvements to our ship, being necessary that our ship reaches level 2 to be able to use it to reach Rohendel, it is a point in the ocean that will be presented through a message, indicating that we must navigate to this location from one port to another manually.

  We hope that the information detailed here on How to get to Rohendel has been very useful for your fun and progress in Lost Ark.

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