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It is necessary to consider that before defeating him, we must find him, this can occur in Sunbright Hill, it is a place in the northernmost region of Luttera, this is a place that is usually surrounded by meadows and some sunflowers.

Now, beating this boss is a complex matter because he is usually the fourth boss and defeating him alone is really difficult, in this sense, it is necessary to consider having:


  •  Level 29 stat and 1419432 hit points with a total of 23 life bars.
  • Approaching this boss will make him take charge of wielding the scythe and usually spins it.
  • We must manage to dodge the spinning attacks that the boss usually delivers.
  • We must have the possibility of bringing some friends as backup.


 Beating Wili Wili offers us the opportunity to receive some rewards that are:


  •  The Eastern Luttera Adventurer achievement.
  • The Adventurer's Tome.
  • An Epic accessory.
  • 2 Uncommon Combat Engraving Recipes.
  • Magic Observer Gloves.
  • An epic chest that usually contains Resistance Stone, Essence of Eternity, Wili Wili Card, and Secret Map.
  • A shattered spirit necklace.


In this sense, knowing How to beat Wili Wilinos offers the opportunity to get a boss out of the way that is usually available in Lost Ark.

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