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If you are venturing into Loop Hero, it is very important that you know how to unlock health potions, which we will tell you in the next guide.

What are Loop Hero Health Potions for?

They are a health element that will be useful if you want to stay alive, since it will grant you an amount of health completely automatically when you require it.
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    How to unlock health potions in Loop Hero?

    In order to unlock these potions you will have to unlock the herbalist's hut in your camp. This cabin is one of the first buildings you can unlock after collecting the following materials:

    •     x2 persevered wood.
    •     x3 persevered stone.
    •     x4 Food supplies.

    You can find these materials as you go through the loop and place cards in the surrounding area. In addition to that you can get ration resources in Meadows, and if you get 12 of them they become a single food supply resource.

    When you put down the Rock cards, you will get pebbles, and when you have 10 of them, they will become a single Perseverated Stone resource.

    When your hero walks through the Groves on your loop test, you will receive stable branches, and when you have 12 of them, they will turn into Perseverated Wood.

    If you want to get several resources at the same time you will have to place a treasure card anywhere in the loop and surround it with meadows, rocks and mountains to receive the treasure of various resources.

    When you are in the cabin the cycle of two health potions will start and each time you pass through the cozy camp space, you will get two health potions and if you do not automatically drink the health potions, you can force your hero to use them before walk to this box.

    That's all you have to know about how to unlock health potions in Loop Hero, we hope that our guide has been very clear and you can get the most out of the positions when you need them.

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