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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-02-11 05:30:32

More about: Little Nightmares II

We already have enough time in Little Nightmares II, to tell you how to beat the hunter in the best possible way.

Who is the hunter in Little Nightmares II?

This is one of the enemies that you will have to face in the game. This enemy carries a flashlight, a shotgun and loves to hunt for sport. So if you want to know how to beat the hunter, then you have to read.

How to beat the hunter in Little Nightmares II?

If you are wondering how to beat the hunter in Little Nightmares II, the key is to hide behind all the squares that appear along your route while he is chasing you. You will be able to reach all the squares of the level without problems, and hide in the sewer drain so that the hunter does not see you.

Take Six's hand by pressing R2 to guide her, while taking cover from the hunter's lamp. Under the grass you can find a crow, use this to hide from the light of the lamp and keep moving without being detected until you reach the hole.
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Move to the edge of the brush and wait for the light to pass over you and squat to the hole and jump to find a section where you will lose it for a few minutes.

In the second part of the chase you will have to hide behind some boxes to prevent their shots from reaching you. Advance to the house and climb the side hiding behind the television until you reach the top.

Make your way to the top of the attic avoiding the shots and slide down the canopy to fall into the water and hide in the tarp on the left. Move along the pier hugging the wall to avoid the lamplight.

Press and hold the L2 button to dive under the dock on the right, so that the light doesn't detect you until you reach the stump and find an area where you'll have to jump to the left, then push a log. Dive into the water and hold the L2 button on the section that doesn't have the record.

Climb up the right and repeat the session to hide behind the boxes again, then jump into the hut and get the shotgun out of the wall and you can kill the hunter.

That's all you have to know about how to beat the hunter in Little Nightmares II and now that you know, we hope you can beat this enemy in the shortest time possible.

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