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Weapons are usually vital elements in games and Valheim is not far behind, let's see How to make the abyssal harpoon.

Why make the abyssal Harpoon in Valheim?

It is a tool that will be useful to us during the confrontation against a sea snake that is wandering through the water, this happens when our progress leads us to travel through the sea, this snake is powerful, capable of destroying our bullets and the karve if we let it get too close, then to defeat it is necessary to understand how to make the abyssal harpoon and for this we have the explanatory content of this guide, let's see it below.

How to make the abyssal harpoon in Valheim?

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    Once we have obtained chitin it is possible to have access to the recipe for the abyssal harpoon, this happens in the head of the kraken, it is a huge creature that is floating in the sea randomly, in the head of this there are some abyssal barnacles in which are the chitin, when obtaining it is necessary to go on to make the abyssal harpoon, being necessary some ingredients to use in our level 2 workbench, which are fine wood x8, chitin x30 and a piece of leather x3, Once we have it in our inventory we will be able to face the sea serpent, in the open waters we can find it, and it is the right place to do it.

    Once the snake approaches us, it is the right time to throw the harpoon at it, if we are successful we will earn a notification for it, it is important to highlight the need for resistance for the harpoon, with which a strong connection is possible when hitting the creature After that, we manage to prevent the snake from escaping, we must consider not using other weapons than the harpoon, because the connection may end, and it will prevent us from taking it to the nearby coast, by doing so we get the scales of it.

    In general terms, knowing how to make the abyssal harpoon is not a difficult task, but it is necessary in Valheim.

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