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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-02-11 12:58:26

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If you are wondering how to beat mannequin hands in Little Nightmares II, in this article you will find everything you need to know.

Who is mannequin hands in Little Nightmares II?

The name belongs to one of the enemies you will face in the game, being one of the most difficult battles you will face in the game. They are very fast enemies, capable of dodging any clumsy hit you make, and can survive multiple hits.

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How to beat mannequin hands in Little Nightmares II?

We already implied that it wasn't an easy battle, but it's definitely not impossible either.

The key is that before they are about to attack, this enemy will have a telegraph that indicates when you should unleash a blow; that is, they will break their index finger and middle finger.

This will be your signal to know when to attack, so attack and move away, then repeat the process several times until you finish with this enemy.

 That's all you need to know about how to beat mannequin hands in Little Nightmares II and now that you know it, we hope you manage to defeat this powerful enemy quickly.

Little Nightmares 2
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Puzzle-platformer, survival horror
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February 11, 2021
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