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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-11 02:58:46

More about: Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II comes to occupy us a good time and this allows us to tell you how to find all the hats

What are the hats in Little Nightmares II?

This game comes to offer us a lot of fun and to know how to find all the hats arises as a vital task, in addition, we must understand that this can become somewhat complex on some occasions, however it is usually necessary to carry out an exhaustive search to get to them, as we must be clear that the hats are simply collectibles that we have and that with them there is the possibility of completing the game.
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How to find all hats in Little Nightmares II?

It is good to know that this game has a good amount of hats making up a total of 8, however, getting these trophies opens up the opportunity to access two trophies either from PS or Xbox, being the following:


  •  Half hat: To complete this trophy it is necessary to unlock the quantity of 4 hats.
  • Far: To unlock this trophy you need to collect 8 hats in Little Nightmares II.


 Next we leave the locations of the hats, here we leave you a specific order in which we find them and the way to get them, this is done in this way:


  •  Leather hat: Knowing how to find all the hats makes us move regularly through the game and with more courage, since there is the possibility of accessing trophies, so getting this hat makes us turn to the right and then go to the side room, to pass the table in the hallway and place the hat on a rug, to get to this place it is necessary to have left the kitchen of the first house we get and this usually occurs during chapter 1.
  • Gabardine hat: we continue the search for hats in Little Nightmares II and this is inside a broken box that is hanging, for this it is necessary to go up to the cages that are stacked and once at the top proceed to jump to the hanging box, then we go up, and we jump a few times in order to get the cage to leave the box where the hat is, only that this activity can only be done once we have crossed the broken bridge and this is done in chapter 1.
  • Soccer hat: We go to our next hat and to get it, it is necessary to climb the stairs in order to reach the entrance and proceed to turn right, then we must jump to the garbage container, this cap is obtained in chapter 2.
  • Tin hat: It is necessary to take care of getting a step and proceed to drag it to the next hole in the bookshelf, once this has been done we must climb the ladder and jump to get the hat on our left, this search must be done in the library section of the school.
  • Teddy bear hat: it is necessary to go to the children's play area as soon as we have turned off the television in the waiting room, once located there we must choose to go up to the shelf that is located on the right side, we take a few steps Go ahead and take the hat in Little Nightmares II, this is usually done while in chapter 3.
  • Bandage hat: the search to know how to find all the hats does not stop and this leads us to locate a hat inside a drawer, for which it is necessary to remove a drawer from the closet that is to our left, proceed to jump getting Six can push us to the morgue where there is a key, we proceed to take the key, we run to the back of the room, to choose to open the door of the drawer where the hat is, because this occurs after escaping from the doctor and going down to the morgue through a roof vent, this is given in chapter 3.
  • Postman's hat: It is necessary to take care of crossing to the first gap of the first room where we swing from the light in order to drop, then we choose to turn left and enter the ventilation duct and proceed to climb through the stack of letters to locate the hat at the end, a task that usually occurs when we get to the mail room in chapter 4.
  • Flat cap hat: We are close to finishing our search and to get it, it is necessary to take the shopping cart in order to avoid the danger that allows us to reach the television, our work here leads us to push the cart down the ramp and place it close from the shelf, then we must climb in order to reach the top of the shelf where we walk towards the entrance to take the flat cap, this is the last hat, and it is inside the store where it is necessary to get around with a puzzle of electrified water.

 Definitely, knowing how to find all hats allows us to carry out an interesting search through Little Nightmares II.

Little Nightmares 2
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February 11, 2021
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