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Discover the best locations on Where to Find Photograph in Like A Dragon Gaiden with our comprehensive guide.

Are you playing Like A Dragon Gaiden and wondering where to find the flying takoyaki? Look no further! In this guide, we'll provide step-by-step instructions on how to locate this hidden gem. By following these easy directions, you'll not only be able to complete the Find the Flying Takoyaki task but also earn valuable Akame Points for Kiryu's network upgrades and unlock exciting side quests with tougher riddles.

Where to Find Photograph in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Step 1: Summon Kiryu's Smartphone

To begin your search, summon Kiryu's smartphone by using your camera and pressing the direction pad. This will allow you to access various features, including taking photos of objects of interest. The smartphone is a powerful tool that Kiryu can use to gather information and solve puzzles throughout the game.

Step 2: Locate Shofukucho and E Shofukucho Streets

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Head towards the T-intersection of Shofukucho and E Shofukucho streets. These streets are located in the heart of the city and are bustling with activity. Keep an eye out for any distinctive landmarks or signs that can help you navigate your way.

Step 3: Spot the Giant Takoyaki Figure

Once you reach the T-intersection, use your keen observational skills to locate a giant takoyaki figure. This figure is a large-scale representation of the popular Japanese street food, takoyaki. It is usually brightly colored and can be seen from a distance. Spotting this figure is crucial to finding the flying takoyaki.

Step 4: Capture a Photo

Take out your smartphone and capture a photo of the giant takoyaki figure. Ensure that the photo is clear and visible. This photo will serve as evidence of your discovery and will be used later in the quest.

Step 5: Club Stijl - Home of the Puzzle-Solving Girl

Make your way to Club Stijl, a trendy nightclub in the city. Here, you will find the puzzle-solving girl, who possesses valuable information related to your quest. Club Stijl is known for its vibrant atmosphere and attracts a diverse crowd, making it an interesting location to explore.

Step 6: Show Her Your Photo

Approach the puzzle-solving girl at Club Stijl and show her the photo you took of the giant takoyaki figure. This will initiate a conversation that is essential for completing the Find the Flying Takoyaki task. The puzzle-solving girl is known for her expertise in riddles and puzzles, and she will provide you with further clues and guidance on how to proceed.

Step 7: Rewards and Progression

Congratulations! By completing the Find the Flying Takoyaki task in the Akame Network, you will earn a few hundred Akame Points. These points can be used to upgrade Kiryu's network and unlock further side quests with tougher riddles. Additionally, you will also receive a few hundred Akame Points for Kiryu's upgrades, enhancing his abilities within the game.

Now that you know exactly where to find the flying takoyaki in Like A Dragon Gaiden, go ahead and embark on this exciting quest. By following our friendly guide, you'll not only enjoy the thrill of unraveling mysteries but also reap valuable rewards along the way. The combination of exploration, puzzle-solving, and earning Akame Points adds an extra layer of depth to the game, making it an engaging and rewarding experience. So, grab your smartphone, head to Shofukucho and E Shofukucho streets, spot the giant takoyaki figure, and make your way to Club Stijl to meet the puzzle-solving girl. Happy gaming!

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