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Life is Strange 2 Episode 5: How to Find the Collectibles - Wolves

2019-12-06 14:24:43

This article aims to give solutions to how to find collectibles in Life is Strange 2 Episodio 5.

In Life is Strange 2 Episodio 5 it is possible that we have access to several collectibles, which are everywhere hidden, there is the possibility that if we fail to discover them all that contain each episode access to the Collectible Mode, with this we will have another opportunity to obtain those that we go through high, this must be after we have finished the episode, the saving options will not be affected by this, in this article we will cover how to find the collectibles, to know more you should continue with the reading of the following content.

How to use Collectible Mode in Life is Strange 2 Episodio 5?

In this case episode 5 will be the one that we will have access with the Collectible Mode, for this we must have completed it previously, in the main menu we will choose the option that says Play Episode, we choose our episode in question, making sure that when we choose this episode we do in the correct way to Play in Collectible Mode, which will prevent us from affecting the file saved in the standard mode in Life is Strange 2 Episodio 5, Once we have selected the episode to play, we will notice that under this will be indicated the amount of collectible that are in the episode and how many we already got, the following content will guide us on how to find the collectibles, so let's not lose the reading thread.

So that we can get answers to how to find the collectibles in Life is Strange 2 Episodio 5, we will have a breakdown of the scenes of the episode with their collectibles that are in each of them.

How to find the collectibles (Scene 1-New Dawn) in Life is Strange 2 Episodio 5?

During our tour of this scene, we will find a single collectible, at the time we have our camp packed, we will go down the canyon, being in most of this path in a linear fashion, until then it is divided into two, to staying at the same height is the path to the left and to continue lowering the path to the right, the choice is to go to the left, which at the end of this will lead us to notice an object that shines from afar, after we press the button to see it well, with Daniel and his powers we will be able to bring them to where we are.

How to find the collectibles (Scene 2-Sand People) in Life is Strange 2 Episodio 5?

This scene gives us access to two collectibles, being one more complicated than another, in our inventory it will be the third collectible, which is the simplest, on the outside of Karen Rolling house, we will notice that there are several gardens, on a garden pole, from the top, we will see that there are stickers, here will be the first collectible of the scene.

In the case of the second, it should be noted that it will be the most challenging to find in the whole game in general, what we will do at the beginning is that with Daniel I tell Sean to help us in the search, this can only happen with the condition that Daniel is located on top of the tower with a chair near Joan's mobile home, the interaction with this and Joan will be what we should do, Joan will be behind his caravan, this interaction makes Joan go with Sean and ask Sean to help him with his sculptures, if not, Daniel will do it automatically, which will eventually take Daniel to the location he should be, being here in the tower with the chair, we will go back Stanley and Arthur telescope if we have not already done so, what will happen next is that Daniel communicates with Sean so that he looks for clues about the hidden treasure that would be the collectible, we will have the option of accepting or not, but accepting will not help Receive a hint.

The first track will take us under a small pile of rocks that will be on the ground near the house of Stanley and Arthur, when we are located in front of this house, on the left walking towards the tower, when we get close enough, the track when Daniel tells us that this is where the track is, on the ground we will look for the pile of rocks, followed by this we will receive another track from Daniel, which will lead us to the solar panels, these are between Karen's caravan and David's trailer, on the back of one of the solar panels, will be the track, which will bring together a map with the location of the second collectible of the scene, which will take us to the cars that are near Joan's caravan, there is a red one here and interacting with him we will look under it to find the collectible

How to find the collectibles (Scene 3-Fireflies) in Life is Strange 2 Episodio 5?

During the tour of this scene there is no collectible which look for why there is not.

How to find the collectibles (Scene 4-Outside) in Life is Strange 2 Episodio 5?

There are in this two collectibles, if we fail to find one of these from Karen's garden in the arena of the Sand People, it is one of the two possible collectibles to find here, for the second then, we will go to David's caravan and look for his police radio, then we will talk to David, in the back of the trailer of this, on the ground near the antenna, we will see that there are a few scraps next to some red propane tanks, in this garbage will be the second collectible of the scene.

In this way the explanatory content of this article was finished, being its central theme in how to find the collectibles in Life is Strange 2 Episodio 5, highlighting that thanks to this content it is possible to achieve the objective that was talked about.

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