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Phoenix Point: Choices and Consequences - tips and tricks

2019-12-06 14:39:41

We do not see the future but we know the choices and consequences of something in Phoenix Point and in this guide we will tell you.

In life there are choices and consequences, good or bad, every choice has its consequence. And if there is a place where choices and consequences are very important, it is in Phoenix Point

In case you do not know yet, Phoenix Point is the new strategy video game developed by Snapshot Games released on November 3.

Since its premiere, we have been working on discovering several things, such as how long it takes to play it, the movement of the soldiers, among other important points. Recently we have finished a list of all the choices and consequences of Phoenix Point, but we are not talking about negative aspects, but about the consequences that each of the choices you make in Phoenix Point has.

So then we leave you all the choices and consequences of your actions in Phoenix Point.

Elections and consequences in Phoenix Point.

To make this easier, in addition to placing the choices and consequences, we will place the title of the event so that it is much easier to identify the moment.

  • How do you like apples?

Forget apples and look in the area.
Materials: 150
Food: 5.

  • Synedrion's supporter argues.

Next to the priestess.
Next to Synedrion supporters.
Stay out.
Nothing happens.

  • Be careful now.

Offer a donation to help improve relationships.
Let them be.
Haven leaders: -6.
Disciples of Anu: -2.
New Jericho: 3.

  • Chicken Broth for the Apocalypse

Judge the competition.
Leader Shelter: 9.
New Jericho: 3.
Instead of judging, participate.

To refuse.

  • Lad Earth.

Fire the park.
Share this information with New Jericho.
New Jericho: 3.
Dismantle the park for the material.

  • Ex Aqua.

Help for payment.
Help for a price.
Appeal to the leaders of Nueva Jericó.
Do not help.
Food production in Haven: -500.

  • Sabotage

Offer assistance
Wish them the best.
Leader Shelter: 5.
Haven factor: 250 damage.
Sabotage the fortifications.

  • The father of the reformed.

Accept the mission.
Location and mission of Geoscape.
Reject the mission.
Warn the disciples.

  • Symes and Portents

Accept the trade.
Research: 100
Reject the trade.
Steal the book.

  • Idols.

Trade of food materials.
Trading materials for technology.
Donate materials
Reject the offer. Haven leader: -6.

  • Rite of Dar

Reject the gift
Haven leader: -5.

  • The last sacrament

Search the 
Materials: +180.
Food: +30.
Resistance of the soldier: -10.
Let the dead rest.

  • Seeds of the Earth.

Accept the mission.
Rejection Mission Nothing
Report the concept of saving the seeds of the old world.

  • Rite of Trust.

Take part.
Openly reject the ritual. New Jericho: 4. 
Disciples of Anu: -3. 
Haven Leader: -7.
Decline politely Haven leader: -4.

  • Feed the hungry.

Investigate the problem. 
Leader Shelter: +15. 
Owner of the faction 
Disciples of Anu: +3.
Reject the request. 
Haven Leader: -6. 
Disciples of Anu: -2. 
Food production in Haven: 250 damage.

  • The Helios Event

Help Dr. Nayer with her experiment. 
Haven Leader: -10. 
New Jericho: +3. 
Research: +50.
Commander Basto has the right to make this decision.

  • Mushroom shaped fungus.
Help Dr. Laudan's research. 
Research: 120.
Don't get involved

  • What's next.

Accept the exchange.

  • Brain power
It is a worrying possibility.
Nueva Jericó is a society of laws and principles. There will be no abuse.
New Jericho> Synedrion: -5.
Synedrion> New Jericho: -10.
Synedrion: -5.
New Jericho: +3.

This is just a weak attempt to fix a deeper problem with human biology.

No comments. 
New Jericho> Synedrion: -5.
Synedrion> New Jericho: -10.

  • The old roads.

A military victory is possible. Tobias West has a plan.
New Jericho is the last spasm of a dying order.
Humanity needs all the technology it can get. 
Disciple of Anu> New Jericho: -4. 
Synedrion> New Jericho: -4. 
Disciple of Anu: +1.

Placid Lakes

Help Dr. Grigorovich analyze the lake. 
Synedrion: +3. 
Research: +100.
Cover the damn thing with concrete.

Inform the Disciples of this potential holy place.

This is Synedrion's business.

  • In peace

Accompany them.
Let them go. 

  • The Second Initiation

We will think about it.
We will cast out the pagans. 
New site added to Geoscape. 
Disciples of the Anu diplomatic mission.

  • Broken dreams.

Present our condolences.
Punish them for not taking the enemy seriously enough.
Fund a monument in memory of the deceased.
Leader Shelter: +6.
Synedrion: +3.

  • Convictions

Recruit. Get a new soldier. 
They are very well equipped and worth it.
Tell him that his shelter needs him.
Reject it like a dirty mutant.

  • Long Pork
Burn it. 
New Jericho: +4.
Let it be. It is probably a mistake.

  • Haunted

Provide resources to help refugees.
Offer thoughts and prayers. Haven's population has declined.
Offer resources in exchange for guarantees that refugees will be granted. religious freedom.

Ask Synedrion for help.

Thus ends our guide of choices and consequences in Phoenix Point, we hope it has been very useful for you and easy to follow, we also hope you can take advantage of the game with it. Remember that like this guide of lessons and consequences, we have much more content about Phoenix Point that will be very useful for you.

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