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Angel Marquez
2023-09-19 09:44:55

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Discover Where to find Puppet Strings Legion Arm in Lies of P. Unearth our detailed guide.

Welcome to the world of Lies of P, where the acquisition of powerful weapons is crucial for success. Among the arsenal of remarkable weapons lies the Puppet Strings Legion Arm. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of finding and obtaining this unique arm, along with an exploration of its remarkable abilities.

Section 1: Location

The first step to acquiring the Puppet Strings Legion Arm is knowing where to find it. Make your way to the renowned Hotel Krat, a bustling hub of activity in the game. Within the walls of this grand establishment, you will find an NPC named Eugenie. She holds the key to obtaining this coveted weapon.

Section 2: Speaking with Eugenie

Approaching Eugenie, you will engage in a friendly conversation that leads to a significant discovery. She introduces you to a character named Geppetto, who plays a crucial role in your quest for the Puppet Strings Legion Arm. Pay close attention as Eugenie provides valuable information about Geppetto and his creation.

Section 3: Obtaining the Puppet Strings Legion Arm

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After learning about Geppetto and his creation, Eugenie will generously grant you the Puppet Strings Legion Arm. This incredible arm comes packed with a range of useful abilities that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. These abilities include Trace, Dodge, and Attack Link.

Section 4: Understanding its Attributes

To fully utilize the power of the Puppet Strings Legion Arm, it is important to understand its attributes. The arm has a weight of 8.5, making it relatively lightweight compared to other arms in the game. It boasts impressive stats, including 60+14 Physical ATK, C Motivity, A Technique, and D Advance. These attributes make it a formidable weapon in battles against powerful foes.

Section 5: Upgrading and Switching Arms

In your journey through Lies of P, you may find the need to enhance your Puppet Strings Legion Arm or switch between different arms for varied combat scenarios. Luckily, Eugenie's establishment is equipped with the Venigni Craft Machine conveniently located in front of her. This craft machine serves as a valuable tool for upgrading your arsenal, ensuring that you are always at the cutting edge of combat efficiency.

It is important to note, however, that while other arms can be swapped using the Stargazer feature, upgrading is not possible for the Puppet Strings Legion Arm. Therefore, it is crucial to make the most of this weapon's innate abilities and attributes.

Armed with the knowledge of where to find it and how to obtain it from Eugenie at Hotel Krat, the Puppet Strings Legion Arm will become an invaluable asset in your journey through Lies of P. Its unique abilities, impressive attributes, and the convenience of the Venigni Craft Machine make it a must-have weapon for any skilled player. Remember to approach Eugenie with a friendly demeanor, as her assistance is essential in obtaining this powerful arm. May your adventures in Lies of P be filled with success, triumph, and the unstoppable power of the Puppet Strings Legion Arm!

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