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Lidia Rozo
2023-09-18 14:54:12

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Discover Where to Find All weapons in Lies of P. Get insights on locations, strategies and usage tips to overpower your enemies. 

Welcome to our friendly guide on where to find all the weapons in Lies of P! In this game, there are three main weapons available for different classes, along with several other unique weapons that can be obtained throughout your journey. Let's dive right in and discover where you can find each weapon.

Main Weapons

1. Puppet's Saber (Balanced Class): The Puppet's Saber is a versatile weapon available for the balanced class. It offers a good balance between speed and power, making it suitable for players who prefer a well-rounded playstyle. This weapon can be found early in the game, as it is often dropped by enemies or can be purchased from vendors. It is recommended to upgrade the Puppet's Saber whenever necessary to increase its damage output and unlock additional abilities.

2. Wintry Rapier (Light Class): The Wintry Rapier is a swift and agile weapon designed specifically for the light class. It allows players to perform quick and precise attacks, making it ideal for those who prefer a fast-paced and evasive playstyle. The Wintry Rapier can typically be found in regions with colder climates, such as snowy mountain peaks or icy dungeons. Keep an eye out for chests that contain this weapon, and don't forget to upgrade it to maximize its potential.

3. Greatsword of Fate (Heavy Class): The Greatsword of Fate is a powerful weapon tailored for the heavy class. It boasts immense strength and wide-ranging attacks, which are perfect for players who enjoy dealing massive damage and crushing their foes. To obtain this weapon, players will need to defeat a formidable boss or complete a challenging quest. As with any weapon, it's essential to upgrade the Greatsword of Fate to unlock new abilities and increase its overall effectiveness.

Unique Weapons

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1. Electric Coil Stick: The Electric Coil Stick is a unique mace weapon that comes with an innate shock status effect. This weapon can be purchased for 1,200 Ergo from a vendor located near the stargazer in Elysion Boulevard. The shock effect is particularly useful against enemies with high armor as it bypasses their defenses, making it a valuable addition to your arsenal.

2. Krat Police Baton: To obtain the Krat Police Baton, players will need to elude a mini-boss on patrol. This unique weapon offers a combination of speed and damage, making it a formidable choice for players who prefer a hit-and-run playstyle. Keep your eyes peeled for the mini-boss's patrol route and find the perfect opportunity to defeat them and claim the Krat Police Baton.

3. Booster Glaive: The Booster Glaive is a unique weapon that can be found in a chest being guarded by the Puppet of the Future boss. This glaive offers enhanced mobility and the ability to perform devastating aerial attacks. Defeating the Puppet of the Future may prove challenging, but the reward will be well worth the effort. The Booster Glaive will enable you to unleash powerful combos and dominate your opponents with its unique moveset.

4. Salamander Dagger: Exploring the Workshop Union Entrance area will lead you to the Salamander Dagger. This unique weapon has a fiery edge, allowing players to inflict additional fire damage on their enemies. Its quick and precise attacks make it a suitable weapon for players who prefer a stealthy and agile playstyle. Search carefully in the Workshop Union Entrance area, as the Salamander Dagger may be hidden in a well-guarded chest.

5. Fire Axe: Venture into the Factory level to locate the formidable Fire Axe. This weapon possesses immense power and can cleave through enemies with ease. Its fiery enchantment grants additional fire damage, making it an excellent choice for players who enjoy a more brute force approach to combat. Be prepared for challenging battles and explore the Factory thoroughly to discover the Fire Axe hidden within.

6. Big Pipe Wrench: Keep an eye out for bomb-throwers as you may find the Big Pipe Wrench nearby. This unique weapon offers a combination of strength and durability, allowing players to deal heavy damage while withstanding enemy attacks. Its blunt force attacks can stagger enemies, giving you a tactical advantage in combat. Defeat the bomb-throwers and search the area to find the Big Pipe Wrench.

7. Acidic Crystal Spear: On the Path of the Pilgrim stargazer, players can search for the lethal Acidic Crystal Spear. This unique weapon boasts long-range attacks and inflicts acid damage, which can gradually weaken enemies over time. The Path of the Pilgrim stargazer can be a treacherous journey, so be prepared for challenging encounters and search thoroughly to find the Acidic Crystal Spear.

And there you have it! A friendly guide outlining where to find all the weapons in Lies of P. Whether you're a balanced, light, or heavy class player, these weapons will enhance your gameplay experience. Remember, upgrades are available for the main weapons whenever necessary, so be sure to invest in them to unlock new abilities and increase their effectiveness. So grab your favorite weapon and embark on an exciting journey filled with thrilling battles!

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