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Lidia Rozo
2023-09-18 14:48:16

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Learn How to increase number of amulet slots in Lies of P. Master this RPG strategy, and enhance your gaming proficiency now!

In Lies of P, expanding the number of amulet slots for your character is essential for enhancing their skills and abilities. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of increasing amulet slots using the P-Organ machine and acquiring special materials called quartz. So, let's dive in!

Accessing the P-Organ

To begin unlocking new amulet slots, you need to access the P-Organ machine. This can be done after Geppetto's release from captivity. Once you have reached this point in the game, you are ready to proceed.

After completing the necessary quests and progressing through the storyline, you will eventually reach a point where Geppetto is rescued from captivity. Geppetto will then introduce you to the P-Organ machine, a device that allows you to modify and enhance your character's abilities. This machine is the key to unlocking new amulet slots, so it is crucial to have access to it.

Obtaining Quartz

Quartz is a crucial material required to unlock new skill phases and expand your amulet slots. You can obtain quartz by defeating bosses and mini-bosses throughout the game. Keep an eye out for these powerful adversaries as they hold valuable drops.

As you explore the world of Lies of P, you will encounter various bosses and mini-bosses. These formidable enemies pose a challenge, but they also provide an opportunity to collect quartz. When you defeat a boss or mini-boss, there is a chance that they will drop quartz as a reward.

It is important to note that not all bosses and mini-bosses drop quartz. Some may drop other valuable items or equipment. Therefore, it is essential to strategize and focus on battling bosses and mini-bosses that have a higher chance of dropping quartz. This will increase your chances of obtaining the necessary materials to expand your amulet slots.

Unlocking Skill Phases

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To expand your amulet slots, you must unlock specific skill phases using quartz. Each phase requires unlocking two skills from the preceding phase, with each skill requiring two quartzes.

The process of expanding your amulet slots involves unlocking skill phases. Each skill phase is a set of skills that can be accessed by spending quartz. To unlock a skill phase, you must first unlock two skills from the previous phase. Each skill within a phase requires two quartzes to unlock.

For example, to unlock the second skill phase, you must first unlock two skills from the first phase. Once you have unlocked the necessary skills, you can proceed to unlock the next phase by spending quartz. This process continues until you reach the desired skill phase that unlocks a new amulet slot.

Acquiring Quartz for Amulet Slot Expansion

To increase your amulet slots, you will need a total of six quartzes - four for unlocking skills in the second phase and an additional two for acquiring the specific skill that adds a new slot.

Expanding the number of amulet slots requires a significant amount of quartz. In total, you will need six quartzes. Four quartzes are required to unlock the necessary skills in the second phase, and an additional two quartzes are needed to acquire the specific skill that adds a new slot.

It is important to plan and strategize how you obtain and spend your quartz. As mentioned earlier, defeating bosses and mini-bosses is the primary method of obtaining quartz. Focus on battling these formidable foes and aim to maximize your chances of obtaining the required number of quartzes.

 Grinding Bosses and Mini-Bosses

To increase your chances of obtaining quartz drops, focus on battling bosses and mini-bosses throughout the game. These formidable foes provide opportunities to collect quartz while also offering exciting challenges.

To efficiently obtain the required quartzes, you may need to engage in some grinding. Grinding refers to repetitively battling bosses and mini-bosses to increase your chances of obtaining specific drops, in this case, quartz.

Identify bosses and mini-bosses that have a higher chance of dropping quartz and focus your efforts on defeating them. This may involve revisiting previously defeated bosses or exploring new areas where powerful adversaries await. Engaging in challenging battles with bosses and mini-bosses will not only give you a chance to collect quartz but also provide an exciting and rewarding gameplay experience.

Expanding your character's amulet slots in Lies of P is a rewarding endeavor that allows you to unlock new skills and enhance your gameplay experience. By accessing the P-Organ machine after Geppetto's release, obtaining quartz drops from bosses and mini-bosses, and strategically unlocking skill phases, you can increase your amulet slots and take your character to new heights. Happy gaming!

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