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Lidia Rozo
2023-09-18 09:26:58

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Learn How to Fix Lies of P No Controller Button Prompts. Discover expert tips for quick fixes on our page. Master your gaming experience today!

Welcome to our friendly guide on fixing the issue of missing controller button prompts in Lies of P. If you're experiencing this problem and want to use your DualSense or DualShock PS controller with the game, follow these easy steps below.

Open Steam and Enter Big Picture Mode

One of the initial steps to resolve the issue of missing controller button prompts in Lies of P is to open Steam and enter Big Picture Mode. This mode provides a more controller-friendly interface and allows for easier configuration.

 Launch Steam on your computer: To begin, ensure that you have Steam installed on your computer. If you don't have it, you can download it from the official Steam website (https://store.steampowered.com/about/). Once installed, open Steam.

 Click on the "Big Picture Mode" icon located at the top right corner of the Steam window: In the top right corner of the Steam window, you'll find a small icon resembling a gamepad. Click on this icon to enter Big Picture Mode.

Navigate to Controller Settings

After entering Big Picture Mode, you'll need to navigate to the Controller Settings to make changes that will enable button prompts for your controller in Lies of P.

Once in Big Picture Mode, proceed by clicking on the gear icon (Settings) in the top right corner: In the top right corner of the Big Picture Mode interface, you'll notice a gear icon. Click on this icon to access the settings menu.

 In the dropdown menu, select Controller Settings: From the settings menu, locate the "Controller Settings" option in the dropdown menu and click on it.

Disable Duel Shock for Lies of P

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To ensure that the correct controller button prompts appear in Lies of P, you'll need to disable the Dual Shock settings for the game.

 Inside Controller Settings, locate the option for Dual Shock: Within the Controller Settings menu, you'll find various options and settings related to controllers. Locate the option specifically for Dual Shock.

Turn off all settings related to Dual Shock for Lies of P: Once you've found the Dual Shock option, disable all the settings associated with it. This will prevent any interference and allow the game to recognize your controller properly.

Save your changes and exit from Controller Settings: After making the necessary changes to the Dual Shock settings, save your changes and exit from the Controller Settings menu.

 Restart Your System

To ensure that the changes take effect properly, it is recommended to restart your system completely. This will refresh system settings and potentially resolve any lingering issues.

  • To restart your system, close any open applications and click on the Start button.
  •  From the Start menu, click on the Power button and select "Restart" from the dropdown menu.
  • Wait for your system to shut down and restart. Once the system has booted up again, proceed to the next step.

 Resolve Steam Controller Support Interference

Sometimes, Steam's controller support options can interfere with the proper recognition and display of button prompts in Lies of P. To address this, we need to disable any options related to Steam Controller Support.

  • After restarting, open Steam again and navigate back to Controller Settings through Big Picture Mode.
  • Repeat the steps mentioned in Section II to access Controller Settings.
  •  Uncheck any boxes or turn off any options related to Steam Controller Support.

Within the Controller Settings menu, look for any options related to Steam Controller Support. Uncheck any boxes or toggle off these options. This will prevent Steam's controller support from conflicting with the game's button prompts.

 Enjoy Lies of P with DualSense/DualShock PS Controller Button Prompts!

By following these steps, you should now be able to play Lies of P with proper controller button prompts using your DualSense or DualShock PS controller. Enjoy the game without any interruptions or confusion during gameplay.

We hope this friendly guide has helped you fix the issue of missing controller button prompts in Lies of P! Now you can fully enjoy the game using your preferred controller without any interruptions or confusion during gameplay. Disclaimer: These steps are provided as general guidelines and may vary depending on your system or specific circumstances. It's always recommended to consult official support forums or the game's developer for further assistance if these steps do not resolve the issue.

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