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Angel Marquez
2023-09-18 08:48:17

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Discover Where to Find All Flowstones in Palia with our comprehensive guide! Maximize your gameplay today.

Welcome to our friendly guide on finding all the Flowstones in Palia! In this quest, players will need to consult with NPCs Sifuu and Zeki in the underground. The Flowstones are scattered throughout Pavel Mines, and while most are easy to find, there is a bug that may cause players to get stuck at the last one near the exit. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

Consult with NPCs Sifuu and Zeki:

Before diving into the mines, players should first consult with NPCs Sifuu and Zeki in the underground. These helpful characters will provide valuable information and guidance for locating the Flowstones. They will give you hints about the general locations of the Flowstones and provide you with some useful tools to assist you on your quest.

Explore Pavel Mines:

Near a Ruin:

One of the Flowstones can be found near a ruin within Pavel Mines. Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of destruction or ancient structures as you explore. The ruins may be hidden behind rocks or tucked away in hard-to-reach corners. Take your time and thoroughly search each area to ensure you don't miss any Flowstones.

Near Water:

Another Flowstone can be discovered near water. Palia is known for its underground streams and rivers, so keep your ears open for the sound of trickling water as you explore the mines. Look out for any openings or tunnels that lead to these water sources. The Flowstone may be tucked away in a crevice or hidden among the rocks near the water.

Near Barrels:

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As you venture deeper into Pavel Mines, keep an eye out for barrels. These barrels might contain important clues or simply serve as markers pointing towards your next destination. Don't just pass by them - interact with each barrel you come across. You never know what valuable information or hints they might hold. Follow the breadcrumbs left by the barrels to uncover the next Flowstone.

Up High:

Make sure to also explore high areas within Pavel Mines, as one of the Flowstones can be found up high. Keep an eye out for elevated platforms or hidden pathways that may lead you there. Climb rocks, jump across platforms, and explore every nook and cranny of the mines to find the Flowstone. Sometimes, it may require a bit of extra effort to reach these higher locations, but the reward will be worth it.

The Bug at the Last Flowstone - Getting Stuck:

Unfortunately, there is a bug affecting many players at the last Flowstone near the exit of Pavel Mines. This bug may cause you to get stuck at this point in your quest progression. Players have reported instances where the Flowstone does not appear or is unresponsive, preventing them from completing the quest.

Developers Working on a Fix:

As this is a new quest in Palia, developers are aware of this issue and are working hard to fix it as quickly as possible. Bugs are common in online games, especially during the early stages of release, but the developers are dedicated to providing the best experience for players. They are actively investigating the cause of the bug and working on a solution to ensure players can progress through the quest without any issues.

Revisiting the Exit:

To continue your quest despite the bug, you will need to revisit the exit of Pavel Mines. This may seem counterintuitive, as players are usually eager to move forward. However, revisiting the exit is crucial in this situation. Once you reach the exit, search the area thoroughly. The last Flowstone should be somewhere nearby. Keep in mind that it might not be in plain sight, so explore the surroundings and interact with objects to trigger its appearance. Players have reported that interacting with a particular rock or interacting with a nearby NPC triggers the Flowstone's appearance.

While the bug at the last Flowstone in Pavel Mines may temporarily hinder your progress, we hope this friendly guide has provided you with helpful tips on finding all other Flowstones in Palia. Remember to consult with NPCs Sifuu and Zeki, explore various locations within Pavel Mines, and keep an eye out for any updates from developers regarding the bug. Bugs are a normal part of game development, but with the dedication of the developers and the support of the community, these issues will be resolved, and players will be able to fully enjoy their quest in Palia. Happy hunting!

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