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Angel Marquez
2023-09-18 09:18:34

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Explore Where To find Ytterbium in Starfield! Guidance and secrets on where to find it, all on our webpage.

Ytterbium, a rare and precious mineral, is a highly sought-after resource in the vast universe of Starfield. Whether you are a seasoned explorer or a new player, this guide will assist you in locating and farming Ytterbium efficiently. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore the different methods of acquiring Ytterbium, including purchasing from vendors, mining on specific planets, and automating the process using the Mining Outpost. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the universe of Starfield as we uncover the secrets of Ytterbium.

Purchasing Ytterbium:

If you prefer a quick and hassle-free method of acquiring Ytterbium, visiting specific vendors within Starfield is your best bet. Two reliable sources to purchase Ytterbium are the Amoli Bava NPC in New Atlantis and the Midtown Minerals shop in Akila City on Akila Planet. These vendors offer Ytterbium for a reasonable price of 30 Credits. Simply head to their Resources tab and make your purchase. This option is particularly useful for those who are short on time or prefer not to engage in manual mining.

Mining Ytterbium:

For those who enjoy the thrill of exploration and hands-on mining, the process of manually mining Ytterbium can be both rewarding and profitable. Follow these steps to farm Ytterbium yourself:

Locate a suitable celestial body:

The first step in mining Ytterbium is to find a celestial body with the potential to contain this rare mineral. Scan through various planets, moons, asteroids, and other celestial bodies in Starfield until you come across one that shows promising signs of Ytterbium deposits. Make sure to choose a location wisely, considering factors such as accessibility, resource abundance, and potential threats.

Confirm the presence of Ytterbium:

Once you have identified a suitable celestial body, activate the Space Map mode to conduct a thorough scan of the planet's surface. Look for indications of Ytterbium beneath the surface layer, such as geological anomalies, mineral signatures, or other visual cues. Utilize the advanced scanning features of your spaceship to maximize the accuracy of your search.

Create a new outpost:

Once you have confirmed the presence of Ytterbium, it's time to establish your mining outpost on the chosen planet. Choose a strategic location that provides easy access to the Ytterbium deposits while considering factors such as terrain, proximity to resources, and potential threats. Install an Extractor at the chosen location to extract Ytterbium from the planet's surface.

Customize with modules:

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To enhance your outpost's productivity and efficiency, consider adding various modules to your mining setup. Modules such as Advanced Extractors, Resource Scanners, and Storage Optimization units can significantly improve your Ytterbium farming capabilities. Experiment with different combinations of modules to find the optimal setup for your mining outpost.

Wait for replenishment:

After setting up your mining outpost, exercise patience as the mineral reserves naturally replenish over time. Ytterbium is a rare resource, so it may take a while for the deposits to regenerate fully. Use this waiting period to explore other areas of Starfield, undertake missions, or engage in trading activities. Regularly check on your outpost's status to ensure smooth operation and maximize your Ytterbium yield.

Automated Ytterbium Mining:

If you prefer a more hands-off approach to mining, the Mining Outpost offers a convenient and efficient solution. By setting up a Mining Outpost, you can automate the entire Ytterbium mining process, allowing you to focus on other ventures within the Starfield universe. The Mining Outpost utilizes advanced AI and robotic systems to extract Ytterbium from the chosen celestial body, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

To set up a Mining Outpost, follow these steps:

Select a suitable planet:

Choose a planet with abundant Ytterbium deposits and suitable conditions for establishing a Mining Outpost. Consider factors such as accessibility, resource richness, and potential threats.

Deploy the Mining Outpost:

Deploy the Mining Outpost on the selected planet, ensuring it is strategically located to maximize Ytterbium extraction efficiency. The Mining Outpost comes equipped with advanced mining drones and automated systems to facilitate the mining process.

Monitor and maintain:

Regularly monitor the Mining Outpost's status and ensure that it is operating optimally. Conduct routine maintenance tasks such as refueling, upgrading modules, and managing storage capacity to maximize Ytterbium extraction and minimize downtime.

Farming Ytterbium in Starfield doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following this friendly guide, you'll be well-equipped to find Ytterbium through various means, whether it's purchasing from vendors, mining manually on specific planets, or automating the process using the Mining Outpost. The universe of Starfield is vast and filled with opportunities for exploration, trade, and adventure. Enhance your galactic adventures by discovering and utilizing the rare mineral Ytterbium. Happy mining!

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