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Angel Marquez
2023-09-19 09:29:40

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How To Change Weapon Blades in Lies of P! Unleash your gaming skills with our expert tips and tricks.

Welcome to Lies of P, an exhilarating game that allows players to unleash their creativity and create their own unique weapons. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the exciting process of changing weapon blades and handles in order to create personalized weapon combinations with varying weights and abilities. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to enhance your arsenal or a beginner just starting out, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to master the art of weapon customization in Lies of P. Let's dive in and unlock the secrets of the weapon forge!

Unlocking the Weaponsmith:

Before you can embark on your journey of weapon customization, you need to unlock the weaponsmith. To do so, you must reach Hotel Krat in Lies of P. Hotel Krat serves as the central hub for weapon customization, and it is here that you will find the enigmatic NPC Eugenie, who acts as both the weaponsmith and upgrade station for the weapons you find during your adventures. Once you have arrived at Hotel Krat, seek out Eugenie and prepare to unleash your creativity.

Changing Weapon Handles:

One of the key aspects of weapon customization in Lies of P is the ability to alter handles on your custom weapons. The handle of a weapon determines its weight, balance, and overall feel. To change the handle of your weapon, you will need a specific crank that corresponds with the attribute you wish to attune to. These cranks can be obtained by completing certain combat encounters or by defeating powerful bosses throughout the game. Each crank is unique, offering different attributes such as increased damage, speed, or critical hit chance. Experiment with different handles to find the perfect balance for your playstyle.

Swapping Weapon Blades:

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In addition to changing handles, Lies of P gives you the freedom to swap weapon blades as well. This allows for even more customization and the creation of unique combinations. To swap blades, simply interact with NPC Eugenie and choose the blade you desire from their extensive inventory. Each blade offers different attributes and abilities, so it's important to consider your playstyle and the type of enemies you will be facing. Are you a fan of lightning-fast attacks or do you prefer a heavy-hitting weapon? With the ability to swap blades, the choice is yours.

Rare Ergo for Special Weapons:

As you progress deeper into the world of Lies of P, you will have the opportunity to unlock special Rare Ergo for defeating powerful bosses. These weapons are extraordinary, featuring strong Fable Arts attacks and inflated stats. However, it's important to note that these special weapons cannot be dismantled or customized. They are unique treasures that serve as a testament to your skill and prowess in battle. Use them wisely and unleash their devastating power when faced with the most formidable foes.

Upgrading Your Weapons:

To further enhance the power of your weapons, you will need special components. These components can be obtained by trading Rare Ergo to a Treasure Hunter named Alidoro, who can be found within the game. Alidoro possesses an extensive knowledge of rare materials and can provide you with the necessary components to upgrade your weapons. Choose wisely which weapons to upgrade, as the components are limited and valuable. Enhancing your weapons will not only increase their damage output but also unlock additional abilities and unique attributes, making you an even more formidable force on the battlefield.

Changing weapon blades in Lies of P offers a fantastic opportunity for players to create their own unique arsenal of powerful weaponry. With NPC Eugenie acting as your trusted weaponsmith at Hotel Krat, you can easily change handles and blades to suit your playstyle and preferences. Remember to keep an eye out for Rare Ergo and trade them wisely with Alidoro to unlock even more formidable weapons. In Lies of P, the power to forge your own destiny lies in your hands. So, gear up, sharpen your blades, and embark on an epic journey of customization and discovery. Good luck, and may your weapons strike true!

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September 19, 2023
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