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Angel Marquez
2023-09-19 09:48:50

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How to beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P with our top strategy tips! Master gameplay.

As you journey through the captivating world of Lies of P, you'll encounter numerous formidable foes that will test your skill and determination. One such adversary is the Scrapped Watchman, a menacing foe resembling Krat Police puppets. This guide aims to provide you with a detailed strategy on how to defeat this formidable enemy. So, grab your weapons, stock up on consumables, and let's dive into the tactics required to overcome the Scrapped Watchman!

Understanding the Watchman:

Before we delve into the strategies, it's crucial to understand the Watchman and his various attacks. The Watchman possesses a diverse range of moves, including jab attacks, arm swings, electric shocks, and leaping attacks. These attacks can deal substantial damage, making it essential to be fully prepared for the encounter.

Utilizing Consumables:

To gain an advantage against the Scrapped Watchman, make effective use of consumables. Pulse Cells, Attribute Resistance Ampules, and Electric Blaze Abrasives are your allies in this battle. Pulse Cells will provide you with an extra boost of damage, while Attribute Resistance Ampules will help negate the electrical damage inflicted by the Watchman. Electric Blaze Abrasives, on the other hand, can significantly enhance your weapon's electrical damage output. Stock up on these consumables to increase your chances of success.

Summoning a Specter:

One effective strategy for defeating the Scrapped Watchman involves summoning a Specter to assist you in battle. By summoning a Specter, you can divert the Watchman's attention, allowing you to strike from behind while he focuses on your ally. This strategy is particularly effective in chipping away at his health and creating opportunities for powerful attacks.

Equipping Electric Coil Stick or Assembling a Weapon:

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To effectively combat electric-based enemies like the Watchman, consider equipping an Electric Coil Stick purchased from the Wandering Merchant. Alternatively, you can assemble a weapon using the Electric Coil Head. These weapons are specifically designed to deal with electric-based foes, providing you with a significant advantage in the battle against the Scrapped Watchman.

Maintaining Distance and Dodging Attacks:

During the fight, it's essential to maintain a safe distance from the Watchman. His powerful attacks can deal devastating damage, making it paramount to be vigilant and dodge his assaults effectively. By carefully observing his movements and timing your dodges, you can create openings for counterattacks and maximize your damage output.

Using Attribute Resistance Ampules:

Since the Watchman primarily utilizes electric-based attacks, employing Attribute Resistance Ampules is crucial to negate the electrical damage effectively. These consumables will significantly reduce the impact of his electric assaults, allowing you to sustain yourself for longer periods in battle.

Rewards for Defeating the Watchman:

Upon successfully defeating the Scrapped Watchman, you'll be rewarded with valuable items that can aid you in your journey. These rewards include the Overcharged Storage Battery, Broken Hero's Ergo Core, and Quartz. The Overcharged Storage Battery can be used for various purposes, such as leveling up and enhancing your abilities. The Broken Hero's Ergo Core, on the other hand, can be integrated into your P-Organ, unlocking new abilities and skills. Lastly, Quartz is a valuable resource used for crafting and upgrading weapons and equipment.

Armed with these comprehensive strategies, you are now equipped to take on the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P. Remember to stay focused, adapt your tactics as the battle progresses, and make the most of your consumables and specialized weapons. With determination and skill, you will overcome this formidable foe and continue your epic journey through the world of Lies of P. Good luck, adventurer!

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