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We continue in Knockout City which allows us to tell you How to win on the map of the concussion courtyard

What is the concussion yard in Knockout City?

This is one of the maps that we have in this game and where some combats are usually carried out, since it is necessary to maintain control of the city, even when we do not have a large base, in this sense, know how to win in the map of the concussion yard allows us to embark on a series of games, which may involve having the same players, as long as this can help us find a trick that may well allow us to get ahead.

How to win on the Concussion Yard Map in Knockout City?

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    Make use of the wrecking ball: this is undoubtedly a tool that deals with a construction theme, this ball is usually somewhat less lethal, this if we compare it with the trains of "Jukebox Junction", this because it has the ability to knock down players, which makes it a bit easy to use when learning How to Win on the Concussion Yard map. It should be noted that it is necessary to get on the wrecking ball in order to avoid the incoming ball, this allows to have the ability to deceive the enemy in order to achieve that it can be hit by the ball, and in this way it can be knocked down so that it falls to the edge of the map and in this way to turn the game around.

    Access an out-of-bounds area to shoot people
    : this is another action that may well be favorable for us to know how to win on the map of the concussion yard, this can be an advantage since there is the possibility of catching a enemy with a cage ball in Knockout City or simply catch it, for which it is only necessary to take charge of turning and throwing the enemy off the map, considering doing it before he can have any opportunity to escape, this makes it necessary to get away from the edge when we manage to deceive the enemies, since the block can be a bit sticky.

    Execute curved throws: we continue looking for options to know how to win on the map of the concussion courtyard and thanks to the fact that this field is usually large, we are offered the opportunity to perform curved throws, which in another map is not viable. It is necessary to place a curved ball that allows to surround the large building in the center, the transport containers or simply the blue pillars that are located on the side of the elevator. Now, it is necessary to fix the enemy and manage to keep the charge, once this has been done, we must walk behind the wall to proceed to release the curved shot at Knockout City and that this allows hitting the enemies that are grouped and unprepared, which can give us the advantage and thus win.

    Pass to teammates: we continue to explore actions to know how to win in the map of the concussion playground, this can be done since this is a map with a design that does not present many limitations, this allows us to have the possibility of passing the ball to the teammates from afar and in this way get them to have an advantage over the enemy they are fighting with at the moment, it is necessary to consider avoiding making bad passes in Knockout City, since if this happens we will be able to interrupt the capture animation.

    Locate areas to hide or overwhelm enemies: since this Knockout City map is extensive it can allow us to access different areas where there is the possibility of hiding from another team, there are places where it is possible to access and bomb the enemies, without However, there are also somewhat less favorable places such as the area of ​​the central building that can become suffocating, this is usually the place where the wrecking ball is housed. On the other hand, the area of ​​the pillars on the side of the elevator can be a good place to bomb lone players, in addition there is the corridor in the corner near the hole and the floating crane, only in this place it is necessary to know when to hide or Recognizing that another team is trying to do it on the spot, which makes a difference in this game, so knowing How to Win on the Concussion Yard Map puts us in the face of interesting tactics.

    Choose to hide under the crane: we continue the route to know How to win on the map of the concussion playground and this makes it necessary to roll underneath while we are on the ball in order to reach certain areas of the map, since the crane is an immobile vehicle, we are offered the possibility of rolling below it by Knockout City and staying there, which can put us at the advantage, this because there is the possibility of making us 100 percent invulnerable to a launch from the outside and that of This way the game can be paralyzed, which can help us to keep ourselves safe, this in case the marker can get too close.

    Execute Ultimate Attacks: Given how large this map turns out to be, there is the possibility of receiving attacks from above, in such a way that knowing How to Win on the Concussion Yard map leads us to consider throwing a teammate from equipment in the air to pass it on, this allows us to plan a definitive attack, it is only vital to be careful, especially considering how dangerous the skies and the rebound pads can be that can become an obstacle, in this sense, it is necessary to make use of a definitive attack to get things to bounce and cause an explosion in Knockout City.

    Be attentive to the center:
    it is necessary to be properly sure when we are decided to run to the center in Knockout City, this usually happens when we start a new round, almost always all teams tend to run to the center or tend to hit a teammate with the object To get the special ball, it is necessary to stay behind, since if two teams collide, the environment can become hectic, the possibility of staying behind for a second or two allows us to have the opportunity to run to another area of ​​the map to take an advantage considerable and this can be done from the beginning.

     Now that you know how to win on the concussion yard map, it's time to plan your strategy and progress in a wide enough area in Knockout City.

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