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We invite you to discover how to win in the Knockout Roundabout, a new task in Knockout City.

What to know about the Knockout Roundabout in Knockout City?

It is a traffic area in which you must dodge cars as an obstacle at the same time as enemies are assaulted, it turns out to be a map with great amplitude, it is mostly flat, but it has a couple of dotted areas There are enemies that remain hidden and that we must take care of both them and the cars, now to understand how to win in the Knockout Roundabout we can help ourselves with the details that are presented in this guide below.

How to win the Knockout Roundabout in Knockout City?

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The use of the cars: there are many cars in Knockout City that can serve as cover during the fights trying to solve how to win in the Knockout Roundabout, which becomes an interesting benefit, the direction in which these cars move is by the same rotation that is on the map clockwise, so when an enemy throws us a ball attack we can move behind a car, it should be noted that the speed of movement of these is very slow, so that a jump over these is not ideal, what we can use is the environment that surrounds us, putting the enemy in the front bumper, making it possible for us to have space to attack it, only that they will not release anything no matter how much they are hit .

 Avoid the center of the map: the center area can become a very complicated place in Knockout City, in terms of tactics, this being a death pit, because the space for attacks is very open and can be an obstacle if we want to achieve how to win in the Knockout Roundabout, even from above is a problem, so the attack in traffic can be better in the areas that are outside the map.

 Lob throws: curved throws have a great chance of impacting a passing car, this is something that added to the use of cars as cover can be a good strategy, throws of this type, lob throws can get to go through the roof of one and be able to accept a blow to our enemy, but these are ideal in traffic, because it will affect the lower area of ​​the map that will be presented under the street, achieving greater success in terms of how to win in the Knockout Roundabout.

 The special balls:

  •  The multiple with this it is possible to give many blows against our enemies, so it is ideal to use them because they do not have to expect a bombardment in this way.
  • The bomb is important the one of the lob launch with this one, because it can end up not hurting anyone by getting stuck in the cars that are passing.
  • The sniper is very useful as long as we are in the correct position, in traffic it is complicated because the enemies will have the cars as cover, but we can find a suitable angle to fix them as on the exterior steps or on the roof, achieving better options to give them in Knockout City.
  • The mole is not the best, but it is ideal for this map when we are here.
  • In the case of the cage ball, it is not very useful even though it is used in the capture of an enemy, because there are many options for them to avoid or take them, but if there is a bad position of our enemy it can be an opportunity. for this.

 Knowing how to win in the Knockout Roundabout is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Knockout City.

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