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We keep talking about Knockout City which allows us to tell you how to win on Back Alley Brawl.

What is the point of winning on Back Alley Brawl in Knockout City?

This game has different activities for us, and they are becoming more and more interesting, so that knowing how to win in on Back Alley Brawl leads us to consider preparing for an all-out war, it should be noted that we are immersed within a map with different narrow corridors, which can make this a complex area to carry out battles.

How to win on Back Alley Brawl in Knockout City?

  This is a task that leads us to consider different actions to take and these are:
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Practice the curves of the throws: this is an attack that can perfectly well be used in this game and allows us to have the possibility of taking refuge behind a wall or a pipe, in such a way that knowing how to win on Back Alley Brawl, we lead to make use of the launch in a curve, this means that the coverage may not make sense for the opposing team, which allows them to keep them on their tiptoes.

 Make use of the pipes: it should be noted that it happens to know how to win on Back Alley Brawl it is possible to use different actions in Knockout City, the pipes are not only favorable to move, because while we are traveling through them, it is possible to see the contours of the players, and even of another team, in addition, we will see that it is possible to place ourselves close enough to the entrance of a tube, where we will see an enemy throw a ball at us, it is possible to evade it and watch our back, this because it is possible that They may chase us when we come out the other side.

Avoid being cornered by the enemy: it is possible to consider that we find ourselves in some very complicated situation when we are at the exit of the yellow tube, in such a way that it seems that our only alternative would be to go off the map, in this sense, it is necessary to stay in the entrance area either of the green tube or in the open space that is in front of the exit of the red tube, thus avoiding falling into an ambush in the structure in the center of the map.

Having the special balls: these are highly favorable, since they allow us to benefit from three throws in Knockout City and therefore get to fight at any time, in this sense, it is worth mentioning that:


  •  The Bomb Ball is a great artifact when it comes to damaging enemies that may be grouped in alleys, and if for some reason we don't get any of these, it will simply be necessary to throw it into a pipe and explode there.
  • The Cage Ball is an interesting alternative with minimal options to escape, since there is a moat that usually surrounds the central structure, in addition to both sides of the yellow pipe.
  • Sniper Balls tend to take a long time to load which makes throwing them actually unlikely here.
  • The Lunar Ball usually works with more feasibility in open areas, in this map it is necessary to avoid them due to the narrowness of the map.

 In this sense, knowing how to win on Back Alley Brawl allows us to apply the best strategies and thus be victorious in Knockout City to continue progressing through the maps.

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