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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road: How to Change From Swipe to Tap Controls

2020-07-01 13:10:04

We have made a Kingdom Hearts Dark Road guide for you where we will tell you how to change from swipe to tap controls

To configure the sliders to touch on Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

Obviously it is a necessary option since hitting here is simply not complicated, since from a mobile phone it can simply be done with some motion applications, which makes a somewhat less formidable task, and thus presenting a very interesting efficiency, which implies changing the controls because it is possible not to be able to hit quickly by contacting that specifically Xehanort is for us the most powerful character we can count on.

How to change from swipe to tap controls on Kingdom Heart Dark Road?

Lomas sensible is to achieve a victory that is comfortable enough, contacting that it is possible to make some changes to the controls and thereby get desperate on a mission, for this it is necessary to carry out the following procedure.
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  • Touching the Options button while we are on the screen located in the upper corner and this makes the game stop.
  • Here we locate the first card selection option and look for the Flick option.
  • Then we opted to place ourselves on the Play button and proceed to touch it to change the controls.
  • Finally we touch X in the Options menu that allows us to return to the screen and this allows us to touch the cards to give their respective use.

In this sense, knowing how to
change from swipe to tap controls is a simple procedure that can allow us to enjoy Kingdom Hearts Dark Road more comfortably.

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