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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-01 21:07:34

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The Destiny 2 universe has allowed us to have some interesting activities, let's see How to get umbral traces

What are the umbral traces in Destiny 2?

These are nothing more than highly valuable resources that can be collected in various places but are very complex to locate in our inventory and are available in the broadcast season that has come more interesting than ever, to keep you busy, cultivating this precious resource in sight that we are more or less two months from the next expansion of Destiny 2.

How to get umbral traces in Destiny 2?

It is necessary to consider some important details, and it is the participation in the Crucible Control game mode while we fight having other guardians, although the best option is to do it through PvP mode, quickly obtaining the means of the Thresholds and then proceed to start the tasks for Lord Saladin, although the best alternative to get these footprints without a doubt is because here we can fight the night Ordalía because here we can fight a considerable amount of enemies to accumulate the footprints.
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There are 3 specific places where it is possible to obtain the threshold prints and these are:

  • Nightmare hunting.
  • Crucible Control.
  • Dusk litmus test.

Media to an End is a weekly mission that we can afford to cultivate thresholds and we can execute them every Tuesday, because apart from them it is necessary to consider that it is necessary to get the rewards after having accumulated a certain number of deaths.

Now that you know how to get umbral traces it is a time to take a walk, make kills and get the precious rewards, `` because Destiny 2 has a lot to do and announces an upcoming expansion where it will have more activity.

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